3 More Countries Before Turning 30

I haven’t travelled to another country for the last 3 months. I think this may be the longest I have stayed put since I became a travel blogger. Granted, I was sort of busy. I had a blog to relaunch, I moved to another country, extended my freelance work in Oz, needed to find a house – just a few small things. Moving to this MASSIVE ISLAND means it can be a little costly and timely to get off it, but there is heaps to explore here too – I’ve already squeezed in trips to Melbourne, Brisbane and a conference on the Gold Coast.

Me enjoying the street art on James Street, Brisbane
Me enjoying the street art on James Street, Brisbane

But whilst I am loving living in Sydney I need a change a scenery and there are a few things I would like to do before turning 30 this December.

So from this Friday the jaunts begin.

Firstly I’m hopping on a plane to London and spending some time in my homeland. There’s some special family functions happening that I want to be a part of (including a new arrival) and we’ll be holding some early birthday celebrations for me (because two months out is never too early to start, right?) I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and doing a bit of shopping on the good old British high street (in particular, I want some new pants from M&S because you just can’t beat them on quality or price. Don’t suppose you needed to know that though..) I’m also in town for the World Travel Market and will be attending a gazillion meetings and networking events as well as co-hosting an event with one of the companies I work with.

Stalking the streets of London
Stalking the streets of London

Although I’m doing the journey to the other side of the world all in one go on the way out, I am breaking up the journey back to Sydney with a stopover in Singapore. Singapore is somewhere I have briefly visited in a terrible rush a few years ago (I got a taxi there from Kuala Lumpur after a mix up with the buses – a long story that I’ll be sharing in a book one day) so I am looking forward to going back and exploring in a more dignified manner. I’m do a group trip with a small number of bloggers and the agenda includes the Botanical Gardens and Gillman Barracks, as well as all the street food we can consume. If you have any tips for me (especially with regards to the local markets) please do share them in the comments below.

Gardens By The Bay. Photo by Zaw Wai
Gardens By The Bay. Photo by Zaw Wai

Then in December I’ve booked a trip for the big 30. As I live on the opposite side of the earth to most of my friends and family a party wasn’t really an option. Instead I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday in a destination I’ve visited a couple of times but can’t help being drawn back to.

I’m going to Thailand!

As some of you know I spent my twenties discovering 40 different destinations. I loved at least 1 thing about every one of them but the place that charmed me in ways I never expected was Thailand. I love the people, the beaches, the curry, the massages.. When people ask me my favourite place I want to have something cooler to say than Thailand, but out of everywhere I’ve been this is the place I want to return to.

I’ve travelled it twice as a single girl so feel very lucky to be returning this time with my partner. We’re heading to Krabi, an area I am yet to explore and one I have drooled over everytime someone wrote about it. We’ll have a few nights near Railay (haven’t booked it yet so tips welcome) enjoying boat trips and diving before hiding away at Anantara Si Kao and doing a lot of nothing. (I couldn’t think of a prettier place to just be than here.)

Anantara Si Kao Krabi

So that’s the last few months of my twenties – returning to 3 much-loved countries and making plans for my thirties.

Tune in here to see how it goes.

J x

PS If you could have your pick, where would you choose to turn 30? I’m intrigued to know!

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I’m Jayne, a travel blogger, content creator and mum to a 4-year-old son. I’ve been blogging since 2010, travelled to 65 countries and share travel guides and tips to help you plan stylish, stress-free trips.

25 thoughts on “3 More Countries Before Turning 30”

  1. Hi Jayne,
    I think my question is where would I choose to turn 50… that’s next on my list!

    The last time I was in Singapore I travelled to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel on a tour of the pool area. We went up at night time and the view of the city was amazing and I had a great chat with one of the workers there as he showed us round. (Only wish I could have swam in the pool.
    Little India was fantastic and I really enjoyed getting on the buses to travel round the city. It is one place I would like to watch Formula 1. I too am going to the WTM – need to learn a lot about this business and freelancing. Feel very green!
    Have fun 🙂

    • I really want to go to Marina Bay Sands – hopefully we have time for a swim.

      I’m just at WTM on the Monday and Tuesday but hopefully our paths shall cross 🙂

  2. I was in Krabi last year and we stayed in a cute guesthouse in Aonang called Cosy Place. It was a perfect base for taking the boat to Railay each day. The accommodation you have booked looks amazing!

    I’m also off to WTM, hope you enjoy your time back in London 🙂

    • Thanks Jodie – I shall look that place up as we are hoping to spend a couple of days in the middle of the action before heading to the spa retreat 😉

      Hopefully I’ll see you at WTM 🙂

  3. Thailand is one of our fave places too! Chiang Mai and Pai are definitely our faves! And for my 30th (in 2.5 years) I want to go to Turkey. I’m an April baby so I’d like to incorporate ANZAC Day at Gallipoli and I’m really keen to go hot air ballooning in Cappadocia 🙂

    • What an awesome choice. I’ve seen photos from the ballooning in Cappadocia and they are out of this world stunning. Plus you get to do something meaningful for ANZAC day too. I can see that being a very memorable trip.

  4. Aw, that’s so nice you’re coming back to London for a bit! Maybe see you at WTM 🙂

    I have no tips for you unfortunately as I haven’t even been to Thailand yet (it feels weirdly wrong?) or Singapore. But I totally agree that M&S is great quality and price.

  5. Railay West beach and Phra Nang are absolute heaven. We stayed in Ao Nang and got the first boat round at about 8.30, so worth getting up early for as you beat all the tour boats that come in later. Go to Phra Nang as early as possible, I think the tours start turning up around 10. Such a stunning beach, and fab food boats for fresh fruit smoothies and thai food!!!!!

    • Hi Natasha, I’m around on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and am also going to the Traverse and Travel Massive networking events. Will you be at any of them? J

  6. I just turned 30 in August and spent my time in Ubud, Bali. It was wonderful!

    I lived in Singapore for 8 1/2 years as a kid and hadn’t been back for a few years so my boyfriend and I made a stopover for a few days on the way to Bali. Here are some of my Singapore tips and suggestions:

    -If you like anything nature related then you’re in the right place. The Botanic Gardens are absolutely wonderful, especially the orchid garden. Apparently there is a really beautiful one near Marina Bay too but I didn’t make it to that one. The zoo is incredible (if you do an extra zoo excursion, I’d do Night safari and not the river one). If you’re up for a sweaty hike, the tree top walk in Macritchie Reservoir is awesome and a great place to see some cheeky monkeys. I haven’t been in years and years, but the Jurong Bird Park is wonderful too.

    -For food, you can go to almost any hawker center or food court and find something awesome. Definitely have hainanese chicken rice and some laksa. you can try kaya butter toast and Singapore coffee at Killiney Kopitiam (very small cafe located in many malls). If you like Indian food, eating at one of the places that serves meals on a banana leaf is a must in Little India. I love Red House for seafood in Robertson Quay – wonderful chili crab and black pepper crap, also cereal prawns

    -Drinking is crazy expensive in Singapore ($10 for a beer, $18+ for a cocktail) so you’d better be sure you get something good. 28 Hong Kong street is a speakeasy in Chinatown with lots of great cocktails. Sugarhall on Amoy street is good too. The long bar or courtyard at Raffles is pretty much a must for any tourist so you can get a Singapore Sling but it’s really pricey (something like $28 for a drink)

    -Fun experiences: the super grove in gardens by the bay and skywalk is really cool, especially if you go for the light show, Clark Quay is really over the top but kind of fun to visit just for the spectacle – you can take a bum boat from there past the merlion and all the skyscrapers. There are tons of electronics malls, and of course you have to go to Chinatown. Sentosa isn’t really worth the trip anymore (though it used to be awesome – if it’s open and you like history, Fort Siloso is really cool), unless you want to go to the aquarium. If you do go, I’d suggest visiting Sentosa Cove instead of the main island because there are trendy bars and restaurants there and it doesn’t seem to get overly crowded like the rest of the place.


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