30 Things You Learn When You Move To Australia

Since moving to Australia in 2014 I’ve learned that some shiz is really weird in the land Down Under. Here are 30 random things you discover when you move to Australia. 1. A milk bar sells more than milk. 2. It’s weird having Christmas in summer, that’s why Christmas in July was invented. 3. Bank Holidays are called Public Holidays and they happen for events like Australia Day, Anzac Day and the Queen’s Birthday. 4. That EVERYTHING shuts on Good Friday and there are funny rules around the consumption of alcohol. (No takeaway booze and some joints make you order food with your drinks.) 5. You can’t buy booze in supermarkets or at the local convenience store but you can buy it from a drive-through bottle shop. (That will never not be weird to me!) 6. Renting … Continue reading 30 Things You Learn When You Move To Australia