Help Build Amberlair – The World’s First Crowdsourced Boutique Hotel

Do you remember when I introduced you to Amberlair – the world’s first crowdsourced and crowdfunded boutique hotel where we, the future guests, get input on everything from the hotel’s location to the amenities in the bathroom? Amazing progress has been made since I last checked in with the team, so here’s an update on where we’re at and why now is the time for you to step in.

About Amberlair

As a little refresher, Amberlair in an innovative project created by travellers Marcus and Krsitin who thought the best people to create a hotel are the guests who will stay in it.

The location for the first Amberlair hotel has already crowdsourced by a community of boutique hotel lovers – affectionately known as #boholovers on social media. I was one of them! We chose Italy and the Amberlair team have found the perfect property in Puglia – a stunning historic castle, among rolling hills and vineyards, partway between the Ionian and Adriatic oceans.

Let’s build the perfect boutique hotel

The second exciting stage of this project is the crowdfunding, which is happening here now!

Backers of Amberlair will have the power to directly influence the way this property is restored as well as the final guest experience. Through a series of contests, brainstorm sessions and interactions on social media, parties involved will have their say on subjects such as showers versus bath tubs, usb points in the bed head and kettles in every bedroom. (Well, these are just a few suggestions off the top of my head!)

If you’ve ever dreamt of designing your own hotel or whinged about a room that wasn’t quite fit for purpose – this is your chance to help build the perfect boutique hotel, plus be among the first guests to stay in it.

The first Amberlair hotel will be in this restored historic villa in Puglia, Italy
The first Amberlair hotel will be in this restored historic villa in Puglia, Italy

Create somewhere you’ll want to return to again and again

It’s not just the design of the guest rooms that Amberlair are crowdsourcing but all the amenities, services and activities at the hotel will be chosen by the backers too. The long-term goal of this ground-breaking project is to create a place that guests want to return to time and time again. Amberlair is not just somewhere you sleep but somewhere you have a personal investment with – it’s all the best ideas of the future guests put into action.

A room to suit everyone

The vision for the Puglian property is to offer 60 rooms – 30 rooms in the historic villa, 10 rooms in a unique farmhouse building found amongst olive groves and vineyards, 10 cave or spa rooms and 10 luxury tents.

Surely it’s not just me who wants to stay in all of them?

The first Amberlair hotel will be in this restored historic villa in Puglia, Italy
Could this be the hotel’s spa?

Puglia is the perfect location for a number of reasons, not least the pale cone-like buildings known as Truli that are unique to the region. You’ve also got UNESCO World Heritage Sites, vineyards, quaint harbour towns and cobalt blue swimming beaches on the hotel’s doorstep – in fact the only downside in all this is that we have to patiently wait until 2020 for the property to open!

With its history, beaches and wine region - Puglia is the perfect place for the first Amberlair property
With its history, beaches and wine region – Puglia is the perfect place for the first Amberlair property

Today Puglia, tomorrow..

The vision of Marcus and Kristin, Amberlair’s co-founders, is that Puglia will be just the beginning. Their extensive travels taught them that it’s hotels with the personal touch that leave the best lasting impressions. That’s where their dream to build the first hotel created by the people for the people came from and why they hope Amberlair Puglia, for all travellers’ sakes, is the start of a new breed of boutique hotels.

Amberlair Villa Puglia
Marcus and Kristin have big visions for Amberlair

Be a part of something ground-breaking

If you’re bursting with ideas on how to create the perfect boutique hotel, or just dying to be one of the first guests at the Amberlair property in Puglia, become a backer now. From as little as €15 you can become a part of the Amberlair crowdsourcing community and have a a say in how this project will develop. Bigger backer packages include exclusive discounted stays and VIP experiences, including invites to the opening party. Visit the Amberlair IndieGoGo page now to get involved and be a part of something truly special for the travel industry.

Written in partnership with Amberlair because I think it’s an excellent idea. Please visit their IndieGoGo page to find out more about the project.

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  1. Incredible, this is so close to the place where I live. I Live in Lecce, the main city of the area of Otranto and I go there every 2 weekends.
    how can I stay updated about this project? I wish I could tell something abt it on my blog.


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