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Behind The Scenes Of Travel Blogging – My Week Vlog 8

A nice short and sweet update for you this fortnight which I filmed in between attending ProBlogger on the Gold Coast and exploring Brisbane.

Coffee at Budd's Beach Surfers Paradise

Coffee at Budd’s Beach Surfers Paradise

Where I’m Working:

At the Punthill Brisbane which has some pretty funky wallpaper. After attending the ProBlogger conference on the Gold Coast I spent 2 days in Brisbane and loved it. Brisbane doesn’t have some of the big hitters (like a Harbour Bridge or Opera House, for example) but it has a fantastic vibe and a really cool arts and food scene. I could totally live there! Read more about my perfect day in Brisbane here.

What I’m Reading:

The very witty and somewhat naughty memoir of sitcom writer Kristin Newman called What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding. Kristin was a writer on How I Met Your Mother and I’ve just got to the bit where her Argentine lover inspires a character on the show (remember when Robin came back from Argentina with a hot lover played by Enrique Iglesias?) The book is a great romp (literally) and is the kind of memoir I wish I could write (without quite so many rude bits – I am an English prude afterall!)

I also loved this post by Kirsty about 20 Things That Happen In Your 30s That Didn’t In Your 20s. I’m still in my 20s (just) but many of these things are happening to me already! Drink Prosecco? Do Yoga? Guilty!

What I’ve Been Posting:

You may have noticed that I have ramped up my content levels since the relaunch. I’m trying to get into a regular routine and, as I mentioned in my last vlog, I have created a content schedule for the first time in my life. Popular posts from the last couple of weeks include:

lanewayGuide To Melbourne’s Laneways

Top 5 Resources for Freelance Bloggers

From Where I Work: Diana at Elephant Nature Park Thailand

My Top Ten Blogging Mistakes

I’ve recently updated the way you can subscribe to the blog. If you would like to receive every post in your inbox (how lovely) you can subscribe to all posts. But if you would rather just get a monthly round up with the best of the blog you can subscribe to my brand, new (or it will be when it launches) newsletter. Find more info on both options here.

bloggingWhat I’m Working On:

I’m working on my majorly long to do list after being inspired by the professionals at Problogger. I’ve had to break the list up into phases to make it more manageable but you can see some of the results already. For example I’ve updated my subscribe options (as mentioned above), have added a Work With Me page and given my About Me and Press pages a spruce up. I’ve scheduled no major campaigns on the blog for this month in order to work on more content and planning, but I am pitching like mad for content and consultancy off-blog in order to pay the bills.

If you run a blogging business I have shared some of my takeaways from Problogger here. Part 2 is on its way shortly.

What I’m Watching:

The Block! This crazy Australian reality show where 5 teams of 2 are given a section of an old office block and challenged to turn it into a livable, luxury apartment, 1 room at a time. I have never watched a home deco show in my life but this concept has me hooked!

Breakfast at Bumbles Surfers Paradise

Breakfast at Bumbles Surfers Paradise

What I’m Eating:

All the breakfasts on the Gold Coast. This one I had with Nicole from Bitten By The Travel Bug at Bumble’s Cafe in Surfers was particularly good.

Thanks again for all your support since the relaunch, it means the world to me. If you would like to be featured in a From Where I Work post please get in touch via jayne(at) To see last fortnight’s vlog filmed from my Sydney office click here.

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I'm a full time blogger with a passion for travel and interiors. A travel blogger for 12+ years, I took a course on interior styling during the pandemic when travel was not an option. I now run 2 Instagram accounts - @jayneytravels, which covers authentic, affordable luxury escapes and @ourtravelhome which is all about decorating our new build home with a modern rustic style.


  • Michelle | Lights Camera Travel`
    September 5, 2014 at 3:17 am

    I used to live on the Gold Coast so this post took me back! ProBlogger must have been so overwhelming but overflowing with inspiration too.

    I’m interested to check out Kristin Newman’s book, I’m a huge fan of HIMYM!

    • Jayne Gorman
      September 5, 2014 at 3:33 am

      Problogger was insane but the Gold Coast was a beautiful host and I’ve got lots of ideas out of it.

      I didn’t realise Kristen was a HIMYM writer until I started reading the book. The humour in the book is very much like the show. I love it!

  • Karen @ Lots of Sheep
    September 6, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    The Block! Yes, I got so addicted to that show when I was in Australia. Wish there was a US version.

    • Jayne Gorman
      September 8, 2014 at 1:28 am

      We don’t have anything like it in the UK either. I was never a home deco geek until now haha

  • Angela Alcorn
    February 5, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    I’m sort of doing the opposite to you. I’m an Aussie in France who will probably soon head to the UK. 🙂 Anyway you’ve got me really keen to read that Kristin Newman book. I loved HIMYM!

    • Jayne Gorman
      February 6, 2015 at 2:00 am

      How funny! I met my Aussie partner in London so we’re trying out his country for size after living together in mine 🙂 Hope you enjoy the read!


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