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Checking In Week 10: Feeling The Burn In Burn City!

I might be the only person in history to get the flu and put on weight. Like, how does that even happen? I’ve spent the last fortnight half-heartedly picking at food because I lost my appetite and everything tasted like snot and yet somehow these ample hips got wider.

It may have something to do with the box of Cadbury chocolate I ate during my pity party for one. Or the fact I didn’t leave the house (couch) for days. Anyway, towards the end of this week I finally started to make it through a whole day without needing recovery naps and seen as I’m Melb-based for the next few weeks I decided I needed to take action.

Girl acquaints herself with a gym


Anyone else find the first visit to the gym absolutely terrifying? Like, I fretted over where the lockers were, what to wear, how impossibly red in the face I would get, the perfect bods of everyone else and all manner of things I’m embarrassed to admit. Just the idea of going to a gym makes me seriously anxious so I signed up to a session with a PT to make sure I wouldn’t back out of it. The bubbly Shenae put together a not-at-all intimidating programme for me and thankfully it seems I might have a exercise plan I can actually stick too. Watch this (chubby) space.

Beach day in Brighton

Brighton Bathing Boxes Melbourne

I want this one

We got a little taste of summer last weekend as the temperatures randomly hit 27 degrees. We hopped in the car to Brighton as I’ve been waiting for an excuse to visit the rainbow-coloured beach boxes and it was actually far prettier than I expected.

Brighton Bathing Boxes Melbourne

What a set up!

The water was freezing but there’s a lovely stretch of golden sand, more bathing boxes than I pictured and a breezy terrace with ocean and city views at The Baths Middle Brighton. We met some friends down there for sunbathing, beers and a cheeky plate of calamari and it felt like we were on holiday. Roll on the Aussie summer I say!

Brunching & BBQing

Jaffa Hotcakes at Tinker Northcote

Jaffa Hotcakes at Tinker Northcote – that orange curd and choc-laced meringue was A++

This week I also caught up with the little sis of one my best friends from uni who is in Melbourne as part of her gap year. I took her for some Jaffa Hotcakes at Tinker Northcote (coz, look at them!) and then we headed into the city for some laneway exploration. The most random thing happened though and on tourist-favourite Hosier Lane I spotted someone who looked like a boy my bestie used to date – we’re talking 10+ years ago. I thought it was my mind playing tricks as her sister was in town but much to my surprise this guy recognised me and it turns out it was him. We all just stood there grinning at each other about the randomness of it all. It’s so weird how you can be on the other side of the world and yet see faces from your past.  Mind = blown.

Tonight the plan is to tuck into all the BBQ meats at Lux Foundry, who host an American BBQ night on their patio during the warmer months. We could smell the beef and hear ‘Born in the USA’ from our balcony when I was ill last week so I can’t wait to get involved tonight.

Everyone in Melbourne gets a holiday – but me!

Hosier Lane field trip

These kids were on a field trip where they got to spray paint Hosier Lane!

Next Tuesday is Melbourne Cup day and everyone in the city gets a day off. (Yes, that’s right, they give people a holiday to watch a horse race!) Justin and I are a bit spesh though and he will be working in Sydney (where they don’t get the day off but tend to have a p*ss up in the office instead) and I have deadlines so it will be a semi-normal day for us. However, we’re rewarding ourselves with a long weekend next week instead.

Penguins & Peninsular Hot Springs

Peninsular Hot Springs Victoria

Hitting up Peninsular Hot Springs next week – image thanks to Visit Victoria

Because I am easily-influenced I wrote a travel guide to Victoria for Skyscanner this week and then immediately booked one of the recommended trips. Justin and I are heading to Phillip Island where we’re be doing something that is not very me and staying on a farm. The design of Bimbadeen Phillip Island Farm Retreat really appealed to me (as did the cakes in the on-site Farm Shop!) so we’ve made a reservation for next Friday and will be off to watch the world-famous penguin parade before bedding down among the animals for the night. I’m also hoping to book us into the Peninsular Hot Springs (which are very me!) for a soak and spa sesh before heading home the next day. I’m looking forward to exploring and writing more about my new home state. Let me know if you have any foodies tips for these places please!


Getting me through the end of my illness has been Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. I absolutely adore everything this Aussie author writes (you may know her as the writer of Big Little Lies which was made into a critically acclaimed TV series with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman) and have been working through her back catalogue over the last few months. I was delighted to find Three Wishes in a charity shop last week as its the only one I haven’t read. Now hurry up and write some more books Liane as what will I do with myself when this ends?!

PS Her sister, Nicola Moriarty, is an amazing writer too. I also recommend The Fifth Letter.

Wish me luck on the farm! Have a great week.

J x

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