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Checking In Week 3: Checking Emails Every 2 Seconds

I’m feeling very 1990’s with this whole weekly diary thing. I kinda like the chance for reflection and it definitely helps with accountability, so please indulge me 😀

Blog Lyfe

Motivation is high around here at the moment guys. I have blog post ideas coming out the wazoo and can hardly keep up with my own enthusiasm. It’s a refreshing feeling after the funk I found myself in a few weeks ago. A lot of this new motivation can be attributed to the ideas that Monica’s The Blogger Course sparked for me. Did you see her tell-all interview about how she made travel blogging her career earlier this week? It’s the first part of a new series I’ve launched and I’m so excited about all the inspirational interviews that are lined up for here.

stirred suite ovolo 1888 sydney

Travel Plans… Maybe?!

Along with the motivation, however, has been a heavy dose of anticipation about a project that may or may not be happening next week. Basically I was invited to speak at a conference somewhere amazing and exotic but with just 1 week before the event is supposed to be happening I have no details on flights, accom or the event programme. I fear this may be the first ever trip I’ve had cancelled on me and I’ll be gutted as I’ve turned down work, pushed back a visit home and decided against spending time in Sydney with Justin due to having these dates blacked out in the diary. I don’t want to give up hope just yet so instead am madly checking my emails every 2 minutes hoping that a flight confirmation comes through. Guess we’ll just have to see whether next week’s diary comes from an idyllic island or my kitchen island!


Home cooked meals (yes, they happen sometimes!). It’s been brain-freezingly cold in Melbourne this week so I’ve been inhaling soups and hearty meat dishes. I’ve also got the motivation of wearing a cozzie in Bali in 5 weeks keeping me off the sugar-laden brunches. For now..

Making friends in Ubud Bali

Heading back to Bali in t-5 weeks


This week I absolutely loved Brenna’s article on thoughts that go through her head before hitting publish. I think every blogger/writer will relate. I also read this beautiful post by Torre De Roche about how she found the confidence and funds to write her second novel – a wonderfully woven account of her walking away from grief. I haven’t finished it yet, which is very unlike me, but in my defence Justin and I downloaded Game of Thrones 2 weeks ago and we’re trying to get through all 7 seasons before my next trip overseas. We’re on season 6 already!

How are you creating a life of travel?

Finally, one of the things I love about blogging is how it brings people together who share the same passion – in this case, building a life of travel. I’m so intrigued by the various ways readers are creating lifestyles that centre around travel and was thinking perhaps we could start sharing our stories on Insta. So today I shared my story using the hashtag #HowIMakeTravelWork and I’d love for you all to join in. I’d love this to be an ongoing hashtag we use to share the challenges, sacrifices, lessons, perks and pitfalls that come when you make travel your priority. What do you think?  I can share some of the stories on here as inspiration each week as I think we’ll be surprised about the many different ways people make travel work for them.

I look forward to hearing and sharing your stories.

Until next week, J x

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