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Checking In Week 6: Eating All The Foods In Alberta, Canada

This will be a short and sweet update this week as I’m far too busy eating all the foods in Alberta to spend time on the internet!

Travelling Alberta

As I mentioned last week I’m here in Canada as part of a project with Travel Alberta to explore the hipster hotspots of Edmonton and Calgary. I only arrived yesterday but so far have eaten my body weight in beef tacos, pork bao and pumpkin flavoured treats. I was a pumpkin cynic but after spotting it here in everything from chai to pie I decided to get involved and tried my first ever sweet pumpkin tart. It was delicious and goes so well with the season. Maybe I’ll get involved in a pumpkin latte tomorrow!

Pumpkin Tart Edmonton Alberta

I was a pumpkin tart virgin but now I’m converted!

I’ve got more foodie delights coming up over the next few days, including a food tour in Edmonton and hopefully a big pile of breakfast poutine in Calgary. (Alberta resident Brendan Van Son recommend this on Twitter and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since.)

I’m trying to balance all this indulgence with activity but as this morning’s bike ride was on an e-bike that was probably cheating!

E-bike Edmonton

E-bikes are my new fave thing. They make your mind think you’re fit as you tackle hills with ease!

Tackling Jet Lag at the Yotel

Prior to arriving in Canada I had a night’s kip at the Yotel in London Heathrow Airport in a capsule-style room inside the terminal. I’d stayed at Yotel Gatwick before and remember the rooms being small but I didn’t realise that the single room I booked into at Yotelair Heathrow was teeny, weeny.

Single room at Yotelair Heathrow

Literally the whole room is in this picture. There is a step to get up into the bed.

That tiny cube had everything I needed though including power shower, comfy bed, multiple plug sockets and a quiet hole to pass out in for 8 hours. The staff who checked me in were absolutely delightful, cheerfully handing out free hot drinks and water every time I walked past reception and as the hotel is inside the terminal I was in bed soon after landing. (Well, once I’d got through a hideously long queue at immigration. T4 sucks for this! ) I paid £80 to stay from 5.30pm to 9.00am the next morning and would do it again in a heartbeat.


This was supposed to be a short update so I best log off and get some sleep but I just wanted to say that if you’d like to stay up to date with all the Alberta action the best hashtag to follow is #CaptivateAlberta. The Captivate bit refers to the team of bloggers I’m working with on this project. I’m first to head over here but 3 more bloggers will be coming after me to explore Alberta from their own unique perspectives.

I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

Ok, I’ll stop, must sleep. See you next week.

J x


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    Happy Travels’ Jayne 🙂

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