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Checking In Week 7: Even My Jet Lag Has Jet Lag

It seems to happen a lot in this job. For a while you plug away, busting out posts, pitching left, right and centre and all you hear is crickets. And then you get weeks like the last few, where invitations to speak at conferences in the Maldives are too turn good to turn down, a blog project in Alberta comes up with a brief that is you to a T, and, if you’re an expat in Oz, you spend a lot of time in the air or on the ground wondering when someone is going to deliver the brain that seems to have fallen out of your body. (Is that my lost mind I see going ’round the luggage carousel?!)

District Cafe Edmonton Alberta

My blood is 80% coffee

15 flights in 3 weeks

By the end of this week I will have been on 15 flights in 3 weeks. 15. (At least I think that’s right. I’m currently in KL airport where counting is proving difficult.) My movements have looked something like this:

Melbourne > Doha > Male > Doha > Melbourne > KL > London > Calgary > Edmonton > Calgary > London > KL > Melbourne > Bali > Melbourne

I’ve done so many long-haul flights in a short time that I think I may have watched all the TV and movies ever made by man. I’ve also been asked ‘chicken or beef’ so many times that I might scream ‘LAMB’ at the next hostie to approach me. (I won’t do that, I’m not that cracked. I have taken to eating before I board and bringing my own snacks with me though as it was getting a little groundhog day with the dinners for a while there.)

I don’t share all this to moan, on the contrary, I know it is a privilege. I’m just writing it all down so that I can acknowledge with you that this is not normal. Even for a travel blogger! I’ll be back to blogging in yoga pants and bumming around Brunswick shortly – I’ve certainly got enough drafts and story ideas to keep me going for yonks.

Carnaby Street London

London was big on banter this week

But first.. Bali

But first, rather stupidly, I am going to be flying from KL over Bali and back to Melbourne only to board a flight to Bali the very next morning. Before the Maldives and Alberta came in the picture Justin and I booked a holiday to Bali as I won a stay in a villa at The Royal Purnama on Instagram and as October was looking quiet (ha!) we locked it in before summer/silly season starts to set in. Our prize was just for 2 nights but as Justin has never been to Bali before and I am rather fond of Nasi Goreng and cheap massages we have extended to stay 7 nights in total – with 3 in Canggu and 2 in Ubud. As I’ve got a number of projects on and deadlines approaching it won’t be the traditional holiday we pictured but I’m going to hopefully work productively for a few hours each day and chill the rest of it on a massage table with a cocktail straw in my mouth!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Getting my fill of Lemon Drizzle on a cake date with my mum

A Fly-By Visit Home

One of the benefits of all these trips is that it gave me the chance to swing by and see my family. I had just 4 days at home this time but ate enough sandwiches and cake during my stay to make this girl feel British again. I also caught up with my adorable nephews, one has cheeks you could just eat and the other took to a fishing game I bought him so well I started to feel like less of a failed aunty. I also popped into London for a night out with my friend Nic which reminded me how cool this city can be when the weather is playing ball and everyone is drinking and bantering on the pavements.

My youngest nephew is an absolute charmer

My youngest nephew is an absolute charmer, just like the rest of them!

Counting Down To Xmas

I’m not normally one to mention Christmas in October, in fact, I’m usually the person eye-rolling those who make a head start on their shopping. But I am so, so excited for this Xmas as we’re going home for the first time in 3 years and it’s going to be epic. I started planning with friends and family all the markets, mulled wine and nights out that will be involved in this year’s holidays and it made saying goodbye so much more bearable as I could follow it up with, see you in 10 weeks. I even know one of my prezzies already as mum offered to buy me The Travel Hack cabin case I’ve been lusting after. I think she might even be doing me a stocking… I feel about 12 right now and I don’t even care.

Fave Pic Of The Week


So, until next week in Bali. Send me your Canggu and Ubud tips please!

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