How To Data Roam Easily & Cheaply In Over 100 Countries – Flexiroam X Review

The second most common question I get asked after what’s your favourite country is how do you stay connected to the internet so much when you’re travelling?

For travel bloggers and Gen Y social media addicts like myself, the idea of not having constant access to the internet when we travel now is pretty frightful. Many of my frequent flying friends have pouches full of local sims they’ve picked up overseas that they switch in-between, but this is not an option for me.

Staying connected to social media in London
Staying connected to social media in London

Firstly, because I’m the type of person who takes out her sim, puts it somewhere safe and never sees it again. Secondly, I’m likely to quickly forget which sim works in which country and how much money I’ve loaded on each. And thirdly because there is never one of those sim tray eject tools to hand when you need it!*

(*Unless you’re at Singapore Changi Airport and go to a food outlet in desperation and find a staff member who keeps one in his wallet just to help hopeless travellers. Bless that lifesaver!)

So what’s the solution I hear you ask? Well I’m stoked to have found an easy and cost effective way to get online in over 100 countries.

Introducing Flexiroam X

Flexiroam X is a genius, super thin microchip that sits over your own sim – so there’s no need to ever take it out and lose it!

Once your Flexiroam X microchip is installed you can earn FREE data to use around the world by engaging with the Flexiroam X app. Each time you share or talk about Flexiroam X on social media you’ll up your data limit. You also get a unique referral code so any mates who sign up via your code get 100MB free and so do you!

Of course if you want to save time and just buy a heap of data you can do that too – a 1GB data pack costs US$29.99.

Flexiroam X Microsim

The Really Good Bits

  • Flexiroam coverage is available in more than 100 countries and includes uncapped 4G speed where available. I’ve studied the list and there’s nowhere I plan to travel in the next few years that isn’t covered by this service. #Winning
  • As long as your membership is active you can reuse the same sim and any data accrued as many times as you like. Renewing your membership rolls over any data you haven’t used so nothing ever goes to waste.
  • It’s also really easy to keep a check on how much data you have used on the Flexiroam X app home page. As soon as your unlocked data dips a bit low you can choose to either unlock more or buy an extra data pack. 

Flexiroam X Review

Important Things To Know

  • Activating Flexiroam for the first time can be a little fiddly. You have to change some sim settings on your phone, turn off Wi-Fi and restart your phone to get it connected. But the starter kit that gets sent in the mail with the microchip has detailed instructions on getting started as does the app have a full set up guide with screenshots.
  • If you get stuck for whatever reason the team can be contacted via WhatsApp and email and are super quick to get back to you.
  • Once you’re set up it’s really simple to switch between your home and Flexiroam X sim. Just remember that as the phone can only use 1 sim at a time you won’t be able to receive text and calls to your usual number – but you can just flick back to the home sim whenever you want to check this. Just remember to turn off data roaming before doing so. (The app is very good at sending you reminders about this if you’re forgetful like me!)

Flexiroam X Set Up

How Much Does It Cost?

1 year membership costs $9.99 and that includes a free starter pack with the Flexiroam X Microchip. You’ll have to pay $5 for delivery (to Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand) but that’s it. After that, how much it costs depends on how much data you want to earn and burn!

Get 100MB For Free!

To get you roaming rightaway you can unlock 100MB of free data using my referral code. Simply sign up via this link

You’re welcome 🙂

To give you a taster of what you could be sharing here’s what I tweeted whilst Flexiroaming on my trip to London:

Find Out More

Visit the Flexiroam X website for further details or head straight to the iTunes app store to download it now.

Disclosure: The review was produced in conjunction with Flexiroam X. All opinions are my own.

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    • Yeah it’s really clever! I’ve gained an extra 500mb from referrals and then the app gives you little bonuses when you reach certain levels. It’s like a game but you’re earning free roaming – I like it!


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