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From Where I Work: AlexandraLuella in London

I first came across Michelle, the author of AlexandraLuella, when she left this sweet comment on Diana Edelman’s From Where I Work feature at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

It’s very inspiring and important to make many aware that travel bloggers aren’t just about selfish exploration to widen their own horizons but  are also able to raise awareness for worthy causes and helping others (or better, adorable elephants!) at the same time.

This led me to dig into Michelle’s beautiful blog and travel adventures and I discovered we had a lot of things in common. Michelle moved from Malaysia to London in order to study law but (like myself who is also a law graduate turned blogger) has found her heart lies with travel and writing. I invited Michelle to tell us a bit more about what she is working on now and her hopes for the future.

alexandraluellaMichelle says:

I moved from Malaysia to the UK to study Law at university. The course involved a copious amount of reading and writing, but none of it was supposed to be done creatively. For three years I lived in Nottingham in the East Midlands, juggling the roles of a full-time student, part-time traveller and a sneaky writer – I would write about everything in my private journal during the quiet nights. I guess it was very liberating for me because the creative side of me that was restrained by the course was given an outlet to breathe.

During the holidays, I would travel. Instead of visiting many places in a short time, I chose to see each place slowly and properly. My partner, who I was in a long-distance relationship with, would plan to meet me in a country that we’d not been to, and we would stay for weeks or a month even to discover the locality of a place. And this was addictive. It’s as if the more places I see, the more I yearn to see. The world seems to have so much to offer and each and every single one of us seems so small. For the past three years, I’ve had the experience of  hiking an active Indonesian volcano, riding a hot-air balloon across the Turkish valleys, living in Taipei, frequenting Paris…and I wrote all about it.

AlexandraLuella in Cappadocia, Turkey

Michelle in Cappadocia, Turkey

Through my writing, those memories were immortalised; through my travelling, I discovered more about myself.

After graduating from university this July, I wasn’t sure if Law was my calling, but the two things that I was very sure about were that I wanted to move to London and I wanted to write. I want to write about travel, write about what I see, what I learn and share it with my friends and family who now reside in different parts of the world. This is why I started my blog, AlexandraLuella -“Alexandra” is the feminine form of Alexander, which means “to defend”; “Luella” means “female warrior”. Together they form my alter ego and resonate with my attitude towards my inner-most desire to become an acclaimed writer.

I’m currently based in London, a city I will call ‘Home’ for at least a year and pictured above is me blogging at Paddington Basin, the oldest stretch of canal in London which opened in 1816.

I am looking forward to where this year will take me. I’d probably end up going back to Law but for now I figured I need to at least give myself a chance to chase after my writing dream.

Find Michelle on Instagram and Bloglovin.

Good luck chasing that dream Michelle 🙂

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