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From Where I Work: Sofie of Wonderful Wanderings in Leuven, Belgium

Not all travel bloggers are nomadic. Discover why Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings is very happy to call Leuven in Belgium her home and office.

Sofie says:

Unlike many well-known travel bloggers, I’m neither nomadic nor living abroad. While I’ve considered hitting the road long-term in the past, I now realize that having this home base is exactly what allows me to fully enjoy my travels when I travel and to actually get stuff done when I don’t.

When I’m on campaigns in Belgium or beyond for Wonderful Wanderings, I’ll post social media updates, but I’ll never write or rarely do any photo editing. When I’m at a destination, I want to fully savour it and knowing that I only have a limited amount of days there helps me do that. It’s only when I get back home, an apartment I share with my boyfriend just outside the charming university town of Leuven, that I throw all my notes on the table and start writing.

Sofie of Wonderful Wanderings

There are weeks when I hardly go outside, working on writing assignments for clients and maintaining the blog. But other weeks are filled with trips to the supermarket (I can ride my bike there!), drinks with friends and trips to the city centre.

Living just outside a young city with a rich history such as Leuven allows me to concentrate fully on work when I need to and go out and explore when I want to. It doesn’t matter if I’ve just been to the city yesterday or if it’s been three weeks already, I always discover something new and make it a goal to try out every new coffee bar that opens.

While I need that comfort of a home base to work, it also makes it too easy to get caught up in writing posts, adhering to deadlines and being on social media instead of going out into the world and actually interacting with people. I think that’s the hardest part about being a travel blogger for me: finding that balance between time spent travelling and time spent writing about travelling. But hey, if that’s the hardest thing, I think I’m a pretty lucky girl.

Sofie of Wonderful Wanderings

About Sofie:

On Wonderful Wanderings, Sofie focuses on sharing practical travel tips, destination guides and reviews. She’s a contributor on the Dutch Expedia blog and has written for publications such as Thought Catalog and Wall Street International. While she dedicates most of her time to her travel blog, Sofie also provides copywriting and translation services to creative and tourism brands.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Ada
    October 25, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Great post! I feel the same way about London which is my home town for now! Thanks for sharing !


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