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From Where I Work: That Adventurer On London Underground

In all my years of commuting in London it never once occurred to me to make better use of that time and get some blog work done. (Too busy with my head in a book perhaps?) But in this week’s From Where I Work, Hannah from That Adventurer explains how she fits blogging around a full time job by working on the tube and in London’s cafes (provided they serve avocados and/or chai lattes!).

Hannah says:

Since moving to London and starting a full time job in digital marketing in October I’ve had to learn to fit blogging in around the hours of 9am-6pm. I like making the most of my lunch break, whether that be taking a walk around vibrant Camden where my office is, or just making sure I get away from my desk. Therefore, I tend not to use that hour for blogging. Fortunately, I rarely have to work late, which makes things a little easier.

During the week I use my commute as a chance to write. My commute doesn’t take long; about 30 minutes on a good day. It’s just long enough to jot down a few ideas for future posts, start or finish one.

When you’re crammed in on the tube there’s often not enough space to read the Metro or the Evening Standard. However, there is just about enough room for to type on my iPhone. Writing about travel adventures helps me to forget that I’m squeezed into a carriage with lots of worn out looking people. I once got so carried away writing a post on the way back from a dinner with friends that I completely missed my stop and had to go back on myself to get home!

I don’t manage to get all my blogging done on my commute and sometimes I join the others and stand there looking worn out. If I don’t get much writing done during the week I’ll use my weekends. I’m usually up earlier than my boyfriend so I’ll edit photos whilst in bed or finish up a blog post.

Hannah working at Lazy Social Cafe in Stoke Newington

Hannah working at Lazy Social Cafe in Stoke Newington

Some weekends we’ll head to a nearby café. The past few weeks this has meant getting the bus into Stoke Newington near where we currently live. Cafés are great for a change of scenery and a spot of good old people watching.

There’s two cafés in Stoke Newington I love at the moment; Z café, where avocado features heavily on the menu (always important!), and Lazy Social, where I’m writing from now, which serves a delicious vanilla chai latte and tasty full English breakfasts. Both cafés are covered in posters for upcoming concerts and shows which always steal my attention for a bit!

That AdventurerAbout Hannah a.k.a. That Adventurer:

Hannah is the writer behind That Adventurer, a travel blog which aims to inspire people to try new things and see the adventure in the everyday. Hannah has been lucky enough to travel from an early age and her earliest travel memory is climbing up Mount Vesuvius (reluctantly) in jelly shoes aged six. It was hot; she got moody. Having moved to London from the Norfolk coast at the end of last year, Hannah is learning to balance a 9-6 job with a desire to travel as much as possible.

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  • Lies
    February 20, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    I admire you for being able to write on the tube! I can never concentrate. I always try to relax and read a book, as my day job can get quite stressful.

    I write posts when I get home, so I have enough time to write a draft, edit photos, and re-read my draft. I’d rather get it all done in one go 🙂

    • Jayne Gorman
      February 22, 2015 at 10:41 pm

      I’m the same as you Lies, but then I spend a lot of time crafting posts in my head whilst travelling when it might make more sense to jot them into my phone.


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