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Mind Body Reformer at La Source Grenada: The Results

Somehow nearly 3 weeks have passed since I returned from La Source Grenada, yet there has been not a single day where I didn’t wish I was still there.

Who wouldn’t miss this?

For 7 days I went without:


Starchy carbs like cake and bread (my fave)


Alcohol (minus that one taste of local rum which blew my head off!)

even TV

and yet, the most shocking thing about this is that I didn’t miss a thing. I didn’t even feel hungry, and I am usually ALWAYS hungry.

I had 3 hours of 1-on-1 sessions with a personal trainer everyday, then took part in outdoor activities every afternoon, but felt only a little stiff from all the unusual (for me) exertion. Some days I opted to do more exercise than was required (this will floor anyone who knows me!) There was no pressure at La Source to take part in the activities, even though there were lots going on all the time. Everyday there would be a good mix of guests who were really going for it, versus those that wanted to lay by the pool all day. I could pick and choose what camp I was in accordingly to whim.

Something I was not allowed to have

Within days the changes in me were visible. I wrote previously about how I felt like a new woman by the end of the first 24 hours, well by day 2 I was less bloated and lethargic than I had been in weeks, nay months, maybe years! By day 3 I had also picked up some colour thanks to the gorgeous Grenadian sun, and my radiant looks and enthusiasm for Andy’s course began to gain the attention of other guests. One was so inspired she signed up to work with Andy for the last 3 days of her 10 night holiday.  Intrigued to hear how she would get on I asked her to write to me once she got back. Last week I received this:

“Feedback as promised: AMAZING!

…I think it is a fantastic programme for both weightloss but more importantly for wellbeing.”

 I could not agree more.

Bright eyed on the balcony early in the morning

At the end of my programme I was incredibly nervous about getting on the scales. Not because I had secretly been binging or believed they wouldn’t reflect my hard work, but because I didn’t want a figure on a scale to take away from how great I felt. I got on them anyway and discovered I had lost 4 llbs during the week – and I couldn’t have had more fun doing so. The key thing for me though was that I felt 400 times better – good food, fun exercise, glorious weather and newly discovered friends – turns out it’s a winning combination.

Andy gives me a certificate of achievement at the end of the week

So now I’m back home what has changed?

Unfortunately the radiance and energy have slightly ebbed with my return to the grey UK weather and tedious commute, but there has been a huge reformation in the way I think. I have discovered that I don’t have to be hungry to lose weight, nor do I have to go to a ridiculously expensive gym. The stretches and workouts Andy taught me can be just as easily completed at home, or in your office as Andy says (but I think that would look weird!) Andy reminded me that exercise can be fun, you just have to find what works for you.

The MindBodyReformer programme has also reformed my approach to holidays. Increasingly we are looking for more from our time off and in times like this we need even more from our buck too. For me, being able to return from a holiday feeling toned, tanned and revitalised is worth more than it’s weight in gold.

Find out more

For more details on the MindBodyReformer programme, including a detailed activity timetable, visit Next programme dates are:

July 15-22

August 1- 8

September 13-20

October 3-10

Book now!

Thank yous

Massive thanks to La Source Grenada for inviting me to stay. Thanks to the staff for looking after me and Andy for reforming me. Thanks also to the Grenada Tourism Board who organised my flights with BA and arranged this tasty day trip. My trip to Grenada was sponsored by La Source and the Tourism Board but the thoughts, reformation and weight loss are all my own 🙂


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  • Jenna | Follow Ben and Jenna
    July 19, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Under normal circumstances this would sound pleasing, but now that I’ve been in the States for a week overeating, it’s water in the desert. How great to feel light and energized. We truly are what we eat!

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