5 Reasons To Visit Downtown Las Vegas

Neon Museum Las Vegas

5 Reasons To Visit Downtown Las Vegas

Vegas is cool. I’ve found proof. It’s slightly off the beaten track, but there is a boneyard in Downtown Las Vegas that celebrates the history and decadence of Vegas in an unexpectedly hip fashion. It’s called The Neon Museum and it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a graveyard for old neon signs from … Read more

St James Club Antigua

Review: St James’s Club & Villas, Antigua

I immediately recognised the white wedding gazebo on a wooden jetty extending over aqua waters. A few months prior I had watched X Factor UK with even more anticipation than usual because I knew this time I would be going to the Judge’s Houses too, albeit a little while after the X Factor crew. The … Read more

Review of 2012 for 40before30

Well 2012 turned out to be quite a busy year! If my maths can be trusted, in 2012 40before30.com took me to 20 cities and 13 countries, of which 7 were completely new to me. These new places racked up my count to 33 countries visited and blogged in the last 3 years. I’m 28 … Read more

Impressions of a first-timer in India

‘Defying Logic’: Impressions Of A First-Timer In India

I am a terrible blogger, it has taken me hours to write this post. When it comes to writing my thoughts and feelings about being a first-timer in India I am at a loss for words. India is a sensory overload. India is fascinating, enticing, charming, beautiful, shocking, repulsive, suffocating and smelly. All at once. … Read more