Family Travel Tips & Reviews Of Stylish Family Trips

I’ve eaten a lot of my words since becoming a mum last year, not least of all the phrase ‘our travel style won’t change when we become parents.’ Because, while I’m clinging hard to the idea that I can continue to lounge in boutique hotels and enjoy long, leisurely brunches on our family holidays, I’ve had to admit those situations now come with a few provisos. (Number 1 being, do said places have room for a buggy and/or high chair!)

So, this collection of family travel tips and reviews of our stylish family trips are for parents, like me, who don’t want to compromise on their travel style, but have to think a bit more practically.

Gone are the days of making a booking based on pure aesthetics – I need to know if I can get nappies in the nearest supermarket.

I’m on a mission to find gorgeous places to stay and cultural experiences to enjoy that aren’t awkward with a little one (or more!) in tow. And, I want to help you guys have stress-free holidays, even with a toddler.

Let’s see if we can do this!

A quick bit about us

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I’m a travel blogger and writer who has been to and blogged about 60 different countries in the last 10 years.

I’m British, my husband is Aussie, and we have a 1 year-old, who we named Miles, after the distance he did in my womb. We calculated he clocked up about 30,000 miles and 10 countries before he was even born. Not because I had an excessive number of babymoons but, mainly, because I did a cruise for a work project in the first trimester of pregnancy. Oh and we moved back to the UK from Australia during the second.

In Miles’ first year we eased ourselves into travelling with a baby with a few staycations, then plunged into 2 months in New York, a holiday in Greece, 2 weeks in Australia and a bit of a disaster when we got stuck in Singapore on the way home. (Nothing too serious, but a lesson in how quickly little ones can fall ill and the importance of travel insurance, nonetheless.)

You can read about those adventures here: