Book Review: Love With A Chance Of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

I couldn’t have done it. Could you have got on a boat with a man you met in a bar and sailed from California to Australia? If you knew nothing about boats and not much about the man who was sailing one, would you take a chance on love even if it came with the risk of drowning? I repeat, I couldn’t do it.

But Torre DeRoche did. Even though she had no sailing experience and a fear of the ocean. Although she knew the sea made her incredibly sick, she followed her heart and her new man on a small vessel into the South Pacific. This book is her skilfully told account of that real-life adventure. It’s a story that inspires awe and wanderlust; I’ve never craved a sailing expedition to Tonga before but quite fancy it now!


Torre’s story is inspiring on another level too; it’s a publishing success story. Having first self-published her book and promoted it via her blog, as the praise for it flooded in so did the interest from publishing houses. The book is now available in print in Australia, the US and the UK and has recently been picked up for translation into Spanish. Even the film rights have been snapped up (this book was made for motion picture).

I completed the book in 2 days flat (with a little bit of time out for work in-between) and couldn’t help but think I would love to live an adventure like that one day. And if I do, I hope to be able to retell it in as mesmerizing a way as Torre shares her story.

Have you read this book? Did it inspire you to take an adventure on the high seas?

Love With a Chance of Drowning: A Memoir is available now from Amazon.


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