Coffee In A Cone: It’s A Thing People

I’ll admit even I who loves a good Instagram fad had my doubts about the concept of coffee in a cone. I can barely eat gelato in a cone without wearing most of it so how on earth does a cup of coffee work?

Well doubters  – it does. And it’s bloomin’ delicious to boot.

#coffeeinacone from The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg

The creators of this chocolate-laced, Insta-worthy way to consume coffee are The Grind Coffee Company based in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. Apparently it took a lot of trial and error to get the cone just right but as of January this year they nailed it.

#coffeeinacone from The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg

You can order either a Cappuccino or Espresso in the chocolate-lined waffle cones and have about 10 minutes to neck the amber nectar before the chocolate starts to melt. You get a hint of choccie on the lips as you sip though and obviously get to crunch on the cone once you’re done with the coffee.

Obligatory Insta selfie

Aside from being a fun way to consume coffee it’s environmentally friendly too. Think of how much less waste there is by consuming your coffee cup!

Cheers to environmentally friendly coffee cups!
Cheers to environmentally friendly coffee cups!

I had a very quick chat to the genius behind this invention, Dayne Levinrad, whilst in Johannesburg and it turns out he’s a massive fan of Australia. When I queried on Facebook how long it will be until #coffeeinacone arrives in Oz someone replied on behalf of the brand saying it will be on our shores in a couple of weeks.

You heard it here first peeps! Keep an eye on the Coffee In A Cone Facebook and Instagram pages for details.

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    • I know right! It’s like your coffee and a sweet treat in one and there’s zero waste. What’s not to like really…


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