Coolest Co-Working & Co-Living Spaces Around The World

Although being a travel blogger has meant I’ve been able to call some awesome tropical locations my ‘office’, my recent trip to Bali was the first time I saw what happens when you team dreamy destinations with co-working spaces. This forward-thinking crop of co-working, and now also co-living, companies aren’t just offering a place to work but also foster community, entrepreneurship., networking and, if you’re lucky, have a bloody good barista on site too.

So for all my fellow (and wannabe) digital nomads out there I’ve done some digging around into the hottest co-working and co-living spaces in some of my favourite corners of the world. Do you fancy calling any of these your office?

1.Hubud, Ubud, Bali

Hubud: Ubud Coworking Community Space
Working next to the rice fields at Hubud. Image thanks to Hubud: Ubud Coworking Community Space

There aren’t many digital nomads who haven’t passed through Bali’s first co-working space, Hubud. Whilst in Ubud a few months ago I satisfied my curiosity by setting up shop there for a day too. With enviable views of rice fields, a tiki treehouse-style set up and organic cafe cooking up healthy treats – it’s not hard to feel instantly creative and completely comfortable here. Hubud also holds regular talks aimed at freelance entrepreneurs and creatives and even helps new expats relocate to Bali with their Hubud Soft Landing Package.

Find out more about co-working at Hubud.

Note: if you’re only in town for a few days and don’t want a monthly membership you can work in the cafe area for free as long as you’re buying the (pretty decent) coffee.

2. Dojo, Canggu, Bali

There's a swimming pool complete with inflatables at Canggu co-working space Dojo
There’s a swimming pool complete with inflatables at Canggu co-working space Dojo

Canggu is the low-key little sister of Seminyak that I fell in love with during my stay on Bali’s coast. One of the things I loved about it was the Dojo co-working space, which has it’s own pool (for when you want to network from an inflatable) and the delicious Nalu Bowls for a next door neighbour. Dojo has a much more beachy vibe than Hubud; it’s the kind of place surfers catch up on emails in-between riding the waves at Echo Beach.

Find out more about Dojo.

3. The Hive, Bangkok, Thailand

Cool co-working space at The Hive, Bangkok
Cool co-working space at The Hive, Bangkok. Image thanks to The Hive

Who wouldn’t want to work from an office with a rooftop bar and luxury spa? Especially one that’s in Bangkok. Although I haven’t worked from the Hive myself I’ve heard a lot of great things about their central location as well as social events, which include open air cinema nights on the rooftop terrace.

Find out more about The Hive.

4. Roam Co-Living, Bali, Miami, Madrid + more

How appealing does the concept of Roam sound? Sign one lease. Live around the world. Yes please. Roam is a network of co-living and co-working spaces in pretty awesome locations – Buenos Aires and London are soon to be added to the collection of Bali, Miami and Madrid. The idea is that for $500 per week you have the freedom to rock up to any of their stylishly decked out properties where you’ll find rock solid wifi and a community of like-minded people.

My pick of the bunch is The River Inn Miami, which opened just this month, and consists of a cluster of wood-frame houses that have been decked out in vintage furnishings. There’s a swimming pool, a lawn for pop-up events and classes, and you never have to worry about doing the cleaning or handling the electricity bill as all that is included.  If this is what it means to be a digital nomads in 2016 – count me in!

Find out more about Roam Co-Living.

5. Nomad House, Global

Nomad House is not a singular co-living space but more like an AirBnb just for co-living opportunities around the world. As a potential co-liver (strange sounding term I’ve just made up but let’s go with it) you type in the destination you are heading to and it lists a number of places available for co-living or co-working arrangements. At the moment I can see a lot of listings for Asia and Europe that start from just $14 a night for a room, pool, wifi and communal kitchen facilities. It also has a section for hosts to list their villa, beach house or country retreat so it seems like a great way for people in similar situations to share living costs and maybe bounce around a few ideas over dinner. I’m also suddenly craving a trip to Morocco after seeing a listing for a co-working space in the quiet surf village of Taghazout…

Find out more about Nomad House.

Have you come across any cool co-living or co-working spaces you think should be on my radar?

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