My Maternity Wear Must-Haves

To be honest, as a curvy lady who favours a looser fit I didn’t have to invest in many maternity clothes until I entered my third trimester. Even now as I approach the end of pregnancy I am still squeezing into last year’s baggy jumpers. Finding clothes that comfortably fit my boob, bump and bum regions, however, has been not so easy.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been shopping around for a small number of essential maternity clothes that are affordable, comfortable and have room to grow. The 6 items I share with you below have been true heroes.

If you’re currently pregnant and reluctant to buy a whole new wardrobe, these are the pregnancy must-haves I recommend to see you through.

Best Maternity Clothes – My 6 Pregnancy Must Haves

  1. Blooming Marvellous Maternity Leggings from Mothercare – £15 for 2

Essential Maternity Clothes - 6 Pregnancy Must Haves

I worked my way through a couple of high street options before falling upon this pair of maternity leggings that have stood the test of time. Not only are the Blooming Marvellous Maternity Leggings from Mothercare super cosy but I’ve had them for months without a single hole, or signs of sagginess or thinning developing. (And I’ve literally worn them everyday.)

They are thick enough to wear under tops and jumpers but not too thick to make you feel restricted. I bought a pack of 2 that I’ve rotated for the last 4 months. Love ‘em.

Available to buy in store at Mothercare

  1. ASOS Maternity Jersey Dungaree Jumpsuit – £30

Essential Maternity Clothes - 6 Pregnancy Must Haves

When I’m not in my Blooming Marvellous leggings I’m sporting this giant adult onesie. The ASOS jersey jumpsuit is the only thing I want to wear on days when baby is squishing my stomach and indigestion just won’t go away.

I initially sized up thinking it would be tight on the bottom but it’s actually a generous fit without being too MC Hammer-y. Mine is a size 14 and I’m in the process of ordering a 2nd to get me through the early weeks with baby.

Click to buy on ASOS

  1. ASOS Le Bump T-Shirt – £14

Babymoon in Corfu Greece
Literally putting a label on my expanded waist with this ASOS purchase.

I’m not usually one for slogan tees but when I reached midway through my 2nd trimester and still didn’t look preggers it was fun to don this tee and justify all the sudden fatigue/desire to snag a seat. The Preggers tee (£14) would have done the trick too!

Click to buy on ASOS

  1. ASOS Leopard Midi Skirt – £20

Essential Maternity Clothes - 6 Pregnancy Must HavesAnimal print is my thing and when the shops started filling with so many gorgeous leopard print dresses earlier this year I was gutted I couldn’t join in. Luckily ASOS maternity came to the rescue with this midi skirt that sits above the bump but still comes to a decent length.

I paired mine with maternity tights from H&M to avoid crotch-splitting mishaps.

Buy the midi

  1. Amazon Over The Bump Knickers

When these pants first came in the post I couldn’t believe the size of them but it turns out my bump/bum really is that big.

I’m a fan of full coverage when it comes to knickers so I love the way these pants are generous at the front and back. They come up as high as my maternity leggings with no pinching or sagging and are helping to keep my bump warm as we enter winter.

I’ve ordered a few extras for my hospital bag for obvious reasons.

Get the knickers

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  1. M&S nursing bras – £30 for 2

Essential Maternity Clothes - 6 Pregnancy Must Haves

I’ve bought all my bras from M&S since the beginning of time so it was natural I head there to check out the maternity/nursing options.

I decided to buy a non-wired, full cup nursing bra when I got to the 3rd trimester so that I can be comfortable now and hopefully wear it through to breastfeeding.

This 2 pack is super comfy, a tiny bit pretty and well-priced compared to everything else I looked at. One of the plus points of this design is that it has a standard fastening at the back – as much as I love all the bralettes around at the moment, I have no patience to be putting them on over my head/growing breasts.

Buy the bras

And that’s my maternity must-haves. All the above have been mixed and matched with my usual wardrobe or paired with standard high street fashion in a larger size. Are there any essentials that got you through this difficult dressing stage?

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