How to combat homesickness at Christmas if you’re a British expat

Having spent the last three Christmases away from home I can say from personal experience that homesickness at this time of year really hits you hard.

If, like me, you’re a British expat in Oz, celebrating Christmas in the summer season can really mess with your brain. Your social feeds are full of people back home snuggly down to watch cheesy movie marathons in giant novelty onesies and meanwhile in Oz everyone’s talking about the perfect one-piece cozzie.

The distance from home feels even greater when you see pictures from family gatherings in which you are noticeably absent and, while it’s fun to embrace the customs of the country you find yourself in, you can’t help but compare it to how you usually do things back home.

So, for any Brits about to spend a Christmas overseas I’ve compiled some of my tried-and-tested ways of bringing a bit of British festive cheer to the holiday season.

How To Combat Homesickness At Christmas If You’re A Brit Abroad

How to combat homesickness at Christmas if you’re a British expat

Step 1: Watch Love Actually and The Holiday on repeat. (Thank you Netflix). Ideally while wrapping presents and sipping prosecco. (One day I’ll learn how to make mulled wine.)

Step 2: Download or stream classic Christmas TV specials such as the Vicar of Dibley (love the one where she has 8 Xmas dinners in a row) and Only Falls & Horses. (It’s not Christmas unless you’re laughing at Del Boy falling at the bar, right?)

Step 3: Pump up the air con and crack out the Christmas jumpers. (Or buy a silly santa t-shirt in Kmart if the temperature is too tropical.)

Step 4: Stock up on board games and rope your friends into a competitive game of Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit.

Step 5: Create a blended Christmas dinner by incorporating British classics with local specialties. For us, that means a roast turkey with stuffing, pumpkin instead of parsnip, potatoes roasted on the barbie and lashings of Bisto gravy. We have a hot meal here in Oz regardless of the weather and just eat it al fresco on the balcony if things get too warm in the kitchen. I also make a trifle for dessert as it’s one of my favourites from back home that actually suits the hot weather.

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Step 6: Crack out the Quality Street for post-meal grazing. (You can order these from the British Corner Shop too!)

Step 7: Set up a Skype date with the family for Christmas evening in Oz/morning in the UK and gather around the screen for a group catch up. This can get rather entertaining if those of you overseas have already enjoyed a cheeky tipple or two.

Step 8: Embrace the Aussie holidays. While I love a cold Christmas, I won’t pretend that I don’t enjoy the chance to hit the beach as soon as the festivities are over. Boxing Day sales in Oz are as big as back home so after I’ve hit the shops it’s time to enjoy the summer holidays with the rest of my Aussie friends and family.

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How to combat homesickness at Christmas if you’re a British expat

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Have a Merry Christmas wherever you are celebrating!

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