The 10 Items Of Clothing I Pack For Every Trip

I thought it was going to be hard to pack for my month of travel in May but when it came time to pop all my outfits in my case it occurred to me that no matter where I’m going I pretty much always pack the same things. Of course, the outerwear and shoes might change depending on the season, but here are the 10 hard-working items of clothing that I pack for every trip.

Leather Jacket

I have a smart(ish) waterfall leather jacket that I wear when travelling as it’s great by day and can be thrown over dresses when heading out at night. It’s big enough to get a jumper underneath in colder climates so unless I’m heading somewhere Arctic it’s pretty much the only outer layer I take with me.

The 10 Items Of Clothing I Pack For Every Trip
Oh hey there leather jacket and stripy tee (this will become a theme)

Boyfriend Blazer

If I’m heading somewhere warmer I replace my leather jacket with a boyfriend blazer. I have a few different colours – currently black, blush and white – which I switch up depending on the destination/outfit. I love how blazers instantly glam up a look and if I’m going somewhere on business I like to make sure there’s something smart in the suitcase in case an event calls for it. At the moment I’m loving the Adriana Black Blazer on who offer free shipping to Australia.

Printed Scarf

I’m known for my addiction to bold, animal print scarves but seriously there is no better way to inject colour into a basic outfit. As my wardrobe staples are pretty boring (read: black) I love to pack 1 or 2 of my scarves to add colour as well as keep me warm under air-conditioning. Most of my favourite scarves in the past have come from Zara but lately I’ve been rocking a grey one with pom poms from Seed Heritage.

The 10 Items Of Clothing I Pack For Every Trip
Prints please

Uniqlo Jeggings

Thanks to Mrs O Around The World I discovered the wonders that are Uniqlo leggings pants. Not only are they super comfy but the pocket details make them a little smarter than your standard leggings and there is no bagging at the knees! I travel with 2 pairs – a larger size to wear on the plane (because: bloating) and a smaller size for smarter evening looks. They are just $30 per pair so cheap enough to buy several!

Menorcan Sandals

A new addition to my travel staples are Palmaira’s Menorcan Sandals. Made from soft leather or nubuck they are comfy enough to wear all day while sight-seeing and have much more support than your standard flip flop. They come in a range of colours and patterns (including animal prints, metallic and glitter!) so can go with everything from your jeans to dresses. Shop here for UK and here for Australia.

Pink Lake on Rottnest Island
Menorcan sandals are perfect sight-seeing shoes

Long sleeve dresses

How excited was I when lots of long-sleeve Boho dresses came into fashion? I’m not super comfortable with having my arms on display and am also a wimp who feels the cold, particularly during the evenings on European holidays, so long-sleeve dresses are my best friend. I’m currently in love with a white, embroided, bell-sleeve beauty from Zara and will be transitioning into this black one from Tobi for winter.

Stripy tops

How hard-working are stripy tees? At current count, I have 5 stripy tops on rotation in my travel wardrobe including off-the-shoulder and turtle neck varieties. There is hardly anything a stripy tee doesn’t look good with so I always throw in 2 or 3.

Oh look it’s a stripy top and printed scarf. Again.


For the days when I’m going to be doing some serious walking I love to pack a pair of patterned plimsolls. I have a few on rotation, including animal print from Sportscraft, polka dot from Wittner and grey/rose gold from River Island. I’m also obsessed with the Espadrille version from Manebi so am saving up for a blush pink pair.

Just look at these dreamboats from Manebi
Just look at these dreamboats from Manebi

Camilla Kaftan

A slightly more expensive but incredibly hard-working item in my travel wardrobe is my Camilla kaftan. Camilla is an Aussie designer known for her eye-catching, travel-inspired patterns and silky, multi-purpose dresses. I have a couple of her designs, including a cape, but my favourite is the round neck kaftan that works just as well bare-foot on the beach as it does with boots in the city.

Camilla Kaftan
Debuting my Camilla kaftan on The Ghan

Tan/Gold Sandals

I can’t remember the last time I wore heels on a trip. (Is that bad?) Instead I rely on strappy tan/gold sandals thst are smart enough to wear with floaty dresses. I designed my own pair from Shoes Of Prey and have a few from Zara that go everywhere with me.

Best things to do in Skopelos
My latest strappy faves from Zara

How about you? What are the heroes in your travel wardrobe?

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