The Other Side to Ibiza Holidays: Ibiza Old Town

I have previously written about the amazing pool parties and costly nightclubs of Ibiza, but there is another, more cultural, side to Ibiza Holidays too. Ibiza Old Town proves you can add cultural experiences into the luxury holidays and party weekends the destination is well known for.

When the skies are overcast and you are sick of the sight of sambuca, Ibiza Town provides the perfect antidote. When this exact situation came up during our holiday we hopped in a 10 minute and under 10 Euro taxi from Playa D’En Bossa to Ibiza Old Town and were delighted by what we found.

Our taxi dropped us off at the Marina, home to shiny yachts and shops selling merchandise from the island’s resident super clubs. The waterside is scattered with bars and cafes serving lunch at reasonable prices. The lane ways leading away from the water house tiny boutiques and gift shops that holiday makers can explore free from hagglers.

But it was Dalt Villa (the Upper Town) that we had come to see. Rising above the market streets were the imposing old town walls, originally dating from the 5th Centruy BC, and the impressive 13th century cathedral and castle they were built to protect. The city of Ibiza is actually the oldest in the Balearic Islands and one of the oldest in Spain and Dalt Villa is a UNESCO world heritage site. In short – it’s a history buffs heaven!

On the other side of the giant city walls the crowds seemed to thin. The pavements paled and the ancient buildings appeared to sparkle. The number of boutiques decreased but the quality of the goods improved – handmade local lace and leather shoes caught my eye.

We continued to climb ever higher, weaving our way along the winding cobbled streets, observing the life of the inhabitants who seemed to have been there forever, and holding our breath for the view we knew we would surely be rewarded with at the top. Unsurprisingly, it was rather impressive.

It is easy to spend hours wandering around Dalt Villa, studying the buildings, sampling local life, and I thoroughly recommend you do. It is easy to get caught up with the hedonistic nature of this party island but it is only one aspect of what Ibiza offers. A visit to Ibiza Town reminded me that there was a lot going on in Ibiza before Pasha and co set up there. For me the beauty of the Old Town far exceeded that of some of the ‘beautiful people’ in the clubs.

Did you know Ibiza had this impressive historical side? Would you (or did you) plan a visit there on your Ibiza Holiday?

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