7 Reasons I Loved Cruising With Princess Cruises

Some people could never imagine themselves doing a cruise and that’s cool – it’s not for everybody, especially if you don’t have sea legs. There might be some of you who are on the fence, however, and it’s for these people I thought I would write about all the reasons I loved cruising with Princess Cruises recently.

My experience cruising Russia and Scandinavia on the Regal Princess not only helped me bust a few of the myths I’d naively believed about cruising but also introduced me to some sides of cruising that I loved more than I ever imagined. (I’m all about the cabaret now!)

So, if you’re thinking about booking a cruise with Princess Cruises here are 7 reasons I’m glad I did.

7 Reasons To Book A Cruise With Princess Cruises

  1. Flexibility to tour or not to tour

Copenhagen's iconic Nyhavn Harbour.
Noticing the small things on my solo explorations of Copenhagen.

A lot of people assume that cruising is all about big crowds and group excursions – I used to be one of them! What I found refreshing about cruising with Princess Cruises was they gave you all the information you needed to tour independently if the group shore excursions weren’t your kind of thing.

Of course, the benefit of taking a shore excursion is that you can see a lot of sights with an expert in a short amount of time and are guaranteed to get back to the ship on time (which is a massive bonus if you’re not the best time-keeper!). But if you are confident explorers or have visited some of the destinations on your cruise before, it’s not a problem to grab a port guide from ship services and go it alone at your own pace.

  1. Accessibility of port to city

Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
That’s how close the Regal Princess gets to the Old Town in Tallinn!

Another of the reasons it was so easy to explore independently on this cruise was because of the proximity of the ports to the main attractions in each city. In comparison to a South Pacific cruise I took a few years ago, which required tenders to get to shore in almost all destinations, our cruise around Russia and Scandinavia often bought us close to the heart of the cities we wished to explore.

In places like Tallinn, Helsinki and Stockholm it’s possible to walk to the Old Town from the ship – and you can just hop in a taxi back to the port when your feet are starting to ache like mine did!

Check out our full Russia and Scandinavia cruise itinerary here.

  1. Range of dining experiences

7 Reasons To Book A Cruise With Princess Cruises
Every night a new culinary delight!

One of the things I love about going on holiday is getting to chose somewhere new to dine out at each evening. You might be forgiven for thinking that cruising takes this variety away from you but, in fact, with a wide range of dining options on board Princess Cruises it’s pretty easy to mix things up every night of the trip.

From wood-fire pizzas to gourmet steaks and fine dining paired with wine – the wealth of dining experiences on board Regal Princess made sure each evening bought a new set of culinary surprises.

7 Reasons To Book A Cruise With Princess Cruises
The food was great but it was server Edgar who made the evening!

Aside from the quality of the meals the personality of the staff is something I will remember fondly from this cruise. Our wait staff, like the animated Edgar, were as much a part of the dining experience as the dishes they served and it was fun to chat with them each evening about our respective days and outfit choices.

Read more about dining on board Regal Princess in my Sea Day diary or via Emily Luxton’s Regal Princess Dining & Restaurant Guide .

  1. Movies Under The Stars

7 Reasons To Book A Cruise With Princess Cruises
One of the largest screens at sea on Regal Princess.

Regal Princess boasts the largest screen at sea and even in the Baltic Sea in May it was warm enough to stretch out in the sun and watch an afternoon movie or the likes of Sam Smith in concert.

The best time to enjoy the big screen though was of an evening when Movies Under The Stars combined screenings like The Greatest Showman with blankets, popcorn, cookies and the night sky.

  1. Quality shows in the Princess Theatre

Fiera! show Princess Cruises
Getting into the swing of things at Fiera!

Speaking of entertainment, I took it upon myself to watch every show in the Princess Theatre that was playing during our cruise and loved them all. Princess Cruises production of Fiera! is known throughout the cruising world as one of the best and the mix of music by Gaga, Michael Jackson and a multimedia backdrop did not disappoint me.

My second fave was the Motown evening (this 80s kid was raised on the likes of Marvin Gaye and the Four Tops) and the singers’ voices really suited this style of music.

Every show was great though (I was moved to tears by a rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ during Bravo! ) and overall the evening entertainment was a big part of what I loved about cruising with Princess.

  1. 4K TV in your cabin

7 reasons to cruise with Princess Cruises
Some other welcome treats in the cabin.

I never thought I’d mention in-room movies as one of my favourite things about cruising but bear with me. Although we spent little time in our rooms the short time I did, either getting ready for a night out or having a cheeky nap to beat jet lag, was made immensely better by the 4k TV.

This fancy bit of kit can tell you what’s coming up on the cruise, let’s you tune into game shows happening live on the ship and has a wide range of on-demand movies and TV shows including Fixer Upper, which is my go-to brainless viewing when suffering from jet-lagged induced insomnia.

Want to extend your time watching TV in the incredibly comfy bed? Order breakfast to be delivered to your room free of charge like I did here!

  1. Fastest Wi-Fi at sea

Regal Princess cruise ship
Some motivation while I work on the balcony.

Finally, something that makes Princess Cruises stand out for this blogger compared to other cruises I’ve done is the MEDALLIONNET™ Wi-Fi, which is the most advanced Wi-Fi available at sea. I was able to check email, post on social media and even upload a blog post from somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea without a single glitch.

Often, buying Wi-Fi on board a cruise ship is not a cheap endeavour but if you have to log on for work or personal reasons while at sea at least you know you are going to be getting your monies worth with this service.

Have you sailed with Princess Cruises? What were your highlights?

7 reasons to book a cruise with Princess Cruises

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Thanks to Princess Cruises for hosting me on this incredible experience. Find out more about cruising with Princess and view the next available dates for our cruise via their website.

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