Five Fab Foodie Experiences in Sydney

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know that sampling Sydney’s foodie scene has become one of my biggest hobbies of late. From whole foods to high-end, this city has a vibrant dining scene that will satisfy your tastebuds from morning latte to late night cocktails. From the myriad tasty options I’ve tried, I’ve managed to whittle down my five favourite foodie experiences to share with you. Let’s tuck in!

Brunch at Bread & Circus, Alexandria

Whenever anyone talks about brunch in Sydney it is usually followed by the name Bill. Whilst I will admit Bill Granger, of Bills fame, makes a pretty good ricotta hotcake, I happen to think the flourless lemony pancakes at Bread & Circus beats them hands down. I also have a thing for the pink plates, green smoothies and fresh produce spread across the industrial benches at Bread & Circus.

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Brunch at Bread & Circus
Caramelised lemony banana pancakes at Bread & Circus

Tacos and Margaritas at Mr Moustache, Bondi

Ever tried a Mexican pulled pork roll so spicy you had to eat it wearing gloves? Thought not. Despite the fact I wimped out and ordered my Tortita Ahogada ‘mild’ it still came with a side plate of protective gloves – apparently it can get very messy! Aside from challenging your tastebuds the menu at Mr Moustache will also have them tantalised – think generous servings of homemade guacamole and beetroot chips followed by a Gringa Taco (filled with gooey wagyu beef, bacon and melted cheese.) The drinks menu features an impressive array of Mezcale and Margaritas – served more ways than you ever imagined possible. Pull up a chair and work your way through them.

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Fish n’ Chips at Doyles Restaurants, Watsons Bay

The Doyle family have been serving fish n’ chips on the beach at Watsons Bay since 1885. Not only is the long-loved seafood delicious but it comes with one hell of  a view of Sydney Harbour. You can choose from restaurant dining on the shore or takeaway and bistro seating on the jetty. Save a little room for a tipple or two at the chic Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel afterwards.

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‘Press For Champagne’ at Champagne Room, Surry Hills

Book one of the blue velvet lined booths in The Winery’s Champagne Room and it will come with a gold-trimmed button labelled ‘Press For Champagne’ – a rather indulgent way of alerting bar staff of your thirst (not that they are slow in coming forward with top ups – quite the contrary!)  Australia’s first Perrier-Jouet champagne bar offers a generous fixed price lunch menu, including freshly shucked oysters, charcuterie meats, chicken parfait and mini wild mushroom pies, to accompany your bubbles. Save room for dessert though – you won’t want to miss out on the gooey chocolate brownie.

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All the Gelato at Gelato Messina

You really you can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing a flavour at Gelato Messina. These guys make the most amazing frozen concoctions from all the good things in life – I’m talking salted caramel and white chocolate chunks or ‘Oreogasms’, involving peanut gelato, crushed Oreo cookies and Oreo custard. The specials, which can involve anything from gingerbread cookies to dulce de leche jam, change everyday so check the board before ordering or get a sneak peek on instagram. Portion sizes and opening hours are generous here, I have been known to frequent both the Bondi and Surry Hills stores after an evening of cocktails.

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All these foodie experiences plus many more coffee shops, brunch spots, sweet treats and rooftop bars feature in the upcoming e-book Girl Tweets World Guide To Sydney.

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12 thoughts on “Five Fab Foodie Experiences in Sydney”

  1. This post could not have come at a better time! I just moved to Bondi and was looking for a good restaurant to have my birthday dinner at tonight. Mr. Moustache was perfect! I, too, wussed out and ordered the Tortita Ahogada mild, but I actually didn’t find it that spicy surprisingly. The margaritas were spot on, as well! 🙂 Thanks for the rec!

    • What excellent timing indeed! So glad you liked Mr Moustache – it’s great for a special occasion, although (like you mentioned on twitter) can be a bit pricey for everyday. I thought the mild version was nicely tame too, although when our group mentioned that to the staff they bought out some salsas that made everyones face go numb! Hope you had a great birthday 🙂

  2. All these places sound delicious! One of my favourite places when I lived in Sydney was Thai Pothong in Newtown – it became a regular Monday night takeaway to cheer me and my housemates up from the Monday blues! I’ll have to keep these places in mind though if I’m ever in Sydney again

    • We have an awesome Thai place near our house but I shall check this one out in Newtown too. Have heard a lot of good things about the variety of Asian foods in Newtown.

  3. Hi Jayne, just stumbled upon your blog when searching for train trips in Sri Lanka and have enjoyed reading your posts! Such a lovely blog! Welcome to Sydney and looking forward to more tips and an expat’s view of our pretty city!

    Maadhi xo

    • Hi Maadhi, Thanks so much for your kind note. I’m in love with your pretty city! When do you go to Sri Lanka? You’ll have a wonderful time I’m sure x

  4. Hi Jayne, we are going in a few weeks actually. I’m from there, but this is the first time I’m being a tourist so I’m very excited! Thanks for your helpful posts! x


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