Sleeping At Singapore Airport: Ambassador Transit Hotel Review

I didn’t feel my most glamorous when I checked into this airport hotel but boy did I feel grateful.

The Ambassador Transit Hotel is a godsend located just above duty free in Singapore Changi Terminal 3 International Departures.

(Note: At Singapore Changi Airport there is also an Ambassador Transit Hotel in Terminal 2 and an Aerotel Transit Hotel with pool in Terminal 1. Pictures and review below refer to the airport hotel in Terminal 3.)

I’d flown on a night flight from Sydney to Singapore but at just over 7 hours long the flight is not long enough to get a good sleep once all the dining and movie watching is out the way. As I had a 7 hour layover in the airport and a full day of activities ahead of me once I reached my final destination of Bangkok, I figured it might be worth investing in somewhere to rest my head for a few hours.

Rooms at the Changi Ambassador Transit Hotel are sold in blocks of 6 hours. I only needed 4 or 5 but 6 is the minimum you can buy at a rate of S$90 per person for a single room. A double room costs S$110 and additional hours cost S$20 per hour.

You can book a 6 or 12 hour stay online if you are organised – or just rock up and hope they have availability, which is what I did.

Sleeping At Singapore Airport: Ambassador Transit Hotel Review

Behind the check in desk, right next to the Movie Theatre, is a surprisingly silent corridor. My room was completely sound-proofed – it felt crazy to think there were people buying duty free below and planes taking off just a few hundred metres away.

My room had no windows, which was mildly disorienting but great for helping me get quickly off to sleep. I purchased a single room but was put in a twin so there was a spare bed next to me. This meant I could pinch the pillow from the spare bed and sleep with my usual two. The mattresses were a bit hard for my liking but it felt so good to lie flat I passed out straightaway.

Sleeping At Singapore Airport: Ambassador Transit Hotel Review

I’d arranged a wake up call when I checked in so the phone buzzed me out of my sleep a few hours later. I grabbed the handset, answering automatically, and then feeling a slight fool when I realised I was talking to an automated machine. (Ahem.)

Sleeping At Singapore Airport: Ambassador Transit Hotel Review

Anyway, wide awake I joyfully jumped into the power shower and used some of the large-sized toiletries that are provided.

Towels, toothbrushes and a hair dryer are all in the bathroom so you don’t need to bring a thing except your deodorant. I’d packed some toiletries of my own and a fresh set of clothes so I watched a bit of news on the TV before leaving my dark cocoon and stepping back into the brightly-lit terminal ready for the new day.

Sleeping At Singapore Airport: Ambassador Transit Hotel Review

I headed outside the room to get breakfast but there are tea and coffee facilities in the room if you need it, as well as a fresh jug of water.

Rather handily, the plug sockets are right next to the bed so you can charge your phone while using it as a back up alarm.

Sleeping At Singapore Airport: Ambassador Transit Hotel Review

One thing to note is that the airport wi-fi does not extend into the hotel rooms (at least not in T3). It’s probably to help you get a good sleep but is something worth noting if you need to be on call/ plan on doing some work while in the room.

Overall, my short stay was very comfortable and I was impressed at how immaculate the rooms were. The convenience of having somewhere quiet and comfy to sleep and shower right inside the departure hall is worth investing in if you’re on a long-haul journey. For stays of over 8 hours, however, I would recommend you go for the luxury of staying at the award-winning Crowne Plaza Changi Airport instead.

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  1. I booked a family room for 3 (my wife, daughter and I) through at a promotional price of 150 AUD per night. I got a confirmation which I printed that I am checking in on 21st June and checking out at 8 am on 22 june. On 21st june at 9pm, I reached the hotel reception and presented my booking. They said I have booked only for 6 hours. I showed the printed documents to them. Then a women identified as night manager came and told us I have booked only for 6 hours. which means I have to check out at 3 am. l showed them my printed check out time which said, ‘one night’ and check out time as 8 am. But they continue to refuse and told us to contact booking .com. In a foreign country, we did not have telephones to call anybody. Another guy with south Indian accent laughed saying our booking is for 6 hours. It appears that they do not understand the promotional deal. However, we felt that we were not the only people treated like that. This looked like an ongoing issue. Strangely, the so called night manager told us that, ‘charges for a full night is very expensive here'(which meant, look here, you cannot afford a night with us????). Very uneducated, disrespectful bunch of idiots were there to service people. At middle of the night, We were helpless, without anyone who could understand our situation or to complain about the incident. I never recommend this hotel serviced by people like this.

    • Sam, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I booked a 6 hour block upon walking in which does seem to be standard but I can’t believe they didn’t honour your booking with Have you tried taking it up with them since as really they shouldn’t be marketing hotels that only allow 6 hour stays – especially if that is not marked clearly. I know it is not much use to you now but if you plan a stopover again the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is very nice (and reasonably priced) for a FULL nights sleep! The staff there are lovely too.


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