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I’ve written previously how I like to dress up when I fly. Even though I may feel crumpled and dishevelled inside, I prefer my outside appearance not to reflect this – especially if I’m checking into somewhere chic at the end of my journey.

But while I wish to look chic I certainly want to be comfortable too. If I’m flying long-haul in economy I often find myself contorting into strange pretzel-like positions in order to sleep and all that salt-rich food (or perhaps the fact you end up tucking into several meals in a short space of time) results in a rather unattractive bloat. And don’t even get me started on my cankles!

Basically, the clothes I wear when travelling need to be able to move, flow and expand with me while looking as elegant and crinkle-free as possible. It sounds like a big ask, right? Enter Sassind.

Sassind luxury lounge and travel wear

When the media team from Sassind got in touch the way they described themselves immediately resonated with me. Specialising in luxury lounge and travel wear, Sassind design their collections right here in Melbourne and ethically source the finest fabrics from around the globe to offer quality clothing at an affordable price point. One glance at their website and I could see they just got the stylish traveller – from their versatile merino wraps to flattering woven cotton dresses, Sassind’s versatile garments take you from tarmac to town in comfort and style.

Sassind kindly let me pick a few items from their website to add to my travel wardrobe and for the last few months I’ve hardly worn anything else. My capsule travel wardrobe just got even smaller (and chicer) thanks to a couple of hard-working items that have kept me comfortable on flights from Melbourne to the Maldives; to Bali and back again.

Here are the hero items I can’t fly without.

Merino Oversized Wrap

Merino oversized wrap by Sassind

I’ve lost count of the number of reasons why I love this merino wrap but not having to use the scratchy airplane blankets is certainly one of them! Made from 100% super soft merino, this is easily the most-loved addition to my travel wardrobe – it’s versatile, warm, cosy and I’ve received heaps of compliments on how it looks too.

You can wear it elegantly draped open at the airport, wrapped around to keep warm on the flight and then styled as a scarf when you reach your destination. Sassind describe it as the ultimate travel companion and having travelled across the world with it 3 times I have to agree with them.

Merino oversized wrap by Sassind
Ready to fly in comfort in style with my Sassind Merino Wrap

The merino oversized wrap is available in 3 colours (light grey marle, steel & cream) and retails for $189 AUD.

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Woven Cotton Shawl

Woven cotton shawl by Sassind

Equally versatile are Sassind’s 100% woven cotton shawls. I’ve been packing the indigo blue scarf in my hand luggage so I can switch out the merino wrap for this lighter layer when arriving in tropical locations.

Not only is it wonderfully soft but it’s generous enough to feel luxurious around your neck by day and keep your shoulders covered of an evening. Made in Delhi by skilled artisans, these designs are unique to Sassind and work just as well in Melbourne as the Maldives.

Hand luggage essentials by Sassind
This light blue shawl is one of my hand luggage essentials

The 100% woven cotton shawl comes in emerald green, ruby red and indigo blue and retails for $79.00 AUD.

Leather Babouche Slide

Leather baboche slide by Sassind

Due to the aforementioned swelling, I find choosing footwear for flying a little tricky. Not any more. I absolutely adore these leather babouche slides, which are incredibly comfy yet wouldn’t look out of place in a Moroccan riad.

With a soft sheepskin upper, leather sole and flattering cut, they are perfect for slipping your feet into on the plane and wearing from the runway right into your resort. I opted for the gold foil and love how they pair well with everything from harem pants to kaftans.

Leather baboche slide by Sassind
These leather babouche slides take you from the plane to pool

The leather babouche slide comes in silver stripe, pale grey snakeskin and gold foil and retail for $139.00 AUD.

Woven Cotton Oversized Shirt Dress

Woven cotton oversized shirt dress by Sassind

It’s a tough call between the merino wrap and this shirt dress for my most-loved Sassind item! If you’ve paid close attention to my Insta you may have noticed that I’ve hardly taken this dress off on my travels. From Melbourne to the Maldives and Bali, it’s been everywhere with me – I even had it laundered half way through our Bali trip because I wanted to get further wears out of it.

Woven cotton oversized shirt dress by Sassind
Wearing the oversized shirt dress in Bali…

The oversized fit is extremely comfortable, super flattering and the gathering details on the arms and back means you can actually move without feeling like the bust might burst open. (Not just me who struggles with shirts is it?)

The woven cotton makes it super light and breathable, which is just want you need in balmy places like Bali. I also appreciated that the sleeves covered the parts of my arms I’m not a fan of and the skirt length made it appropriate for sight-seeing in conservative countries like the Maldives.

Woven cotton oversized shirt dress by Sassind
…. and the Maldives….

I’ve popped this dress on with pumps for brunch in Melbourne and with glittery sandals for nights out in the Maldives. You can throw it over cozzies for lunch at the beach or add a satchel for sight-seeing in the city. In short, it’s the most hard-working dress you can pack in your suitcase. I’m just about to order a second!

Woven cotton oversized shirt dress by Sassind
… and at home in Melbourne!

The woven cotton oversized shirt dress comes in black, soft blush and white and retails for $79.00 AUD. I love the look of the woven cotton a line shift dress too.

Shopping with Sassind

You’ll love unwrapping your packages from Sassind

Sassind never discount their price in order to offer an affordable price all year round. This means no increased margins to cover a sale, and you will never be caught out buying an item the day before it goes on sale.

They offer free shipping on orders over $129 and free express shipping on orders over $179.

Based on my experience, even receiving your Sassind items is a luxury experience as the clothes come elegantly wrapped and deliciously scented.

If you’re looking for quality, long-lasting, luxurious yet comfy clothing for your next trip I can’t recommend Sassind enough. The items mentioned in this post were gifted to me but all opinions are my own and I’ve been shopping on the site again since working with them.

*Product images thanks to Sassind.

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