Sweet Treats In Singapore

I’ve been hard at work again diligently sampling all the sweet treats in a new city! From chilli chocolate to cupcakes, which of these sweet treats in Singapore takes your fancy?

Cupcakes at Plain Vanilla

I’m not sure what it was that first attracted me to Plain Vanilla. It may have been the teal bicycles lined up outside it. Maybe it was the wooden benches covered in newspapers. More likely (and let’s get real here) it was the smell of cakes cooking and the words ‘cupcake bakery’ on the signage. Situated in Tiong Bahru, one of my favourite suburbs of Singapore, this sweet bakery is surrounded by boutiques, bookstores and coffee houses. Cupcakes are their speciality (made not too large but not too mini) and they do a good tart and teacake too.

Fried Banana at Changi Village Hawker Centre

It’s Mizzy’s Nasi Lemak that usually draws the crowds at Changi Village Hawker Centre but when our group went in search of something sweet for dessert, it was Million Star Fried Banana who won us over. Imagine sweet, sticky banana in a crispy fried batter, sort of like a banana doughnut but better – you get the idea. They also sell banana cakes and deep fried sweet potato and Tapioca.

image by ieatishootipost.sg

Everything at 2am:dessertbar

The desserts at 2am:dessertbar are so mind-blowingly delicious that I wrote a whole post about them. If I had to choose a favourite, however, I would go for the Chilli Chocolate, because I have never tasted anything chocolately with this powerful a punch in it! Presentation-wise, I could not get over how gorgeous the Shades Of Purple dish is. It looked like a work of art, almost too good to eat. Almost.

Ice Cream Sandwich in Chinatown

We’ve all heard of an ice cream sandwich but I have never tried one which took the concept quite so literally. From an ice cream cart in Chinatown we got to sample a mango ice cream sandwich – served in pink and yellow sweet bread. It’s a cheap sweet treat favoured by the locals but the starchy,sweet bread and cold chunk of mango ice cream was a bit too unusual for my brain to handle!

ice cream sandwich

Pandan Panna Cotta at Wild Rocket

I also wrote previously about Willin Rocket and his style of cuisine, which blends traditional Asian flavours with modern dishes – a fusion known as Mod Sin. To his creamy panna cotta he adds the popular Asian flavour of pandan – a leaf widely used in south Asian cuisine, which has an aroma similar to a mixture of vanilla and almonds. Needless to say the pandan panna cotta is a light and dreamy dish that certainly left me wanting more.

pandan panna cotta

Do any of the above tickle your tastebuds?

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