The Barbados Blogathon

This morning I arrived back from our epic Christmas holiday across Melbourne, KL and Vietnam. We had a ridiculously amazing time and I look forward to sharing the stories, tips and advice I gathered from the experience on the blog over the next couple of weeks. But first it is back to ‘work’ with a bang, for this Friday I will be taking part in my first ever (perhaps THE first ever?!) blogathon. In Barbados!

The Club Barbados Resort and Spa

What is a Blogathon I hear you ask

It is exactly how it sounds. I will be part of a relay team of four bloggers jetting out to Barbados and doing what we do best – blogging. I was instantly attracted to this project, not just because it will be taking part in the gorge Elite Island Resort of The Club Barbados Resort and Spa at a cold and miserable time in the UK, but because of the genius format. Rather than sending all us bloggers out to the island at exactly the same time to do exactly the same activities, this project enables us to explore the destination in a way we naturally would. The team is made up of bloggers with different interests who will all be taking our own unique angles on the location. For the readers following along they can explore the area through four different sets of eyes over the course of four weeks. Starting now!

Deb from Travel with a Mate hands over baton to Abi from Inside the Travel Lab

Meet the team

First up was husband and wife duo Matt and Deb from Travel with a Mate who explored Barbados’ romantic side and got to swim with turtles right outside The Club Barbados. That’s been added to my ‘to do’ list.

Taking over the baton from them is the adventurous Abigail King, from Inside the Travel Lab, who wants to get to grips with the local cuisine and find out more about the turtle conservation work on the island. I’ll be joining her for dinner on Friday night to find out what top tips she has to share with me for the week ahead. Also on my agenda is checking out some of the celeb hang outs ( you know I love a bit of glamour and the island did produce the diva that is Rihanna!) as well as checking out the shopping scene (of course!). Then I will hand over the baton to the final team member, self-proclaimed foodie, Niamh Shields, from Eat Like a Girl. She’ll be the one to watch for advice on the best of Bajan cuisine and making a mean rum punch!

Matt from Travel with a Mate chilling by the pool

Follow the hashtag #BdosBlogathon

For the thoughts, advice and no doubt envy-inducing images from all the team follow the hashtag #Bdosblogathon on twitter and watch out for the updates live from Barbados coming on this blog very soon.

Any advice?

And finally if any of you have taken a holiday in Barbados recently is there anything you recommend I must see, do, eat? I’d love to hear your tips. Thanks in advance and have a great week!

 (Huge thanks to the partners of this project that made it all possible; The Club Barbados Resort and Spa, Tropical Sky and Barbados Tourism.)

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