The Little Joys Of Summer Getaways

We’ve just returned from a week in Greece and it was simply amazing. Sure, there was a lot more admin and a little more anxiety than used to be associated with summer holidays abroad, but all the small joys of European beach getaways now feel even more rewarding.

For anyone who is still considering a summer getaway, I thought I would share a few tips from my experience, as well as a reminder of what joys await you.

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Fito Aqua Bleu Resort Samos Greece

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As for the little joys of summer holidays abroad*, here are all the things we loved being reacquainted with in Greece.

*(Inspired by @theleoparduk whose version you can find here)

Little joys of summer getaways

  • Hearing ‘cabin disarm doors & cross check’.
  • That blast of humid air when you step off the plane. Tanned ground staff in short sleeves and sunglasses.
  • Waking up in the morning and never having to do a weather check because it’s always sunny.
  • The smell of coconut-scented sun cream (accidentally smeared into your swimming cozzie).
  • Straw bags, sun hats, kaftans and a paperback book.
  • The feel of sun-kissed, salty skin. A sprinkling of freckles you haven’t seen all year.
  • A long cool shower after a day at the beach. Piles of sand on the bathroom floor that leave you wondering how they got there.
Psili Ammos Beach Samos
  • The first pint of local beer (Mythos for me) in a frosted glass at the beach.
  • Inelegantly dragging a sun bed as you chase the sun (or shade) throughout the day.
  • Pre-dinner naps, then drinks on the balcony. Hair air-drying in the wind. A friendly wave to the neighbour on the next balcony doing the exact same thing.
  • No telly for a week and not even missing it.
  • Remembering how much you love reading. Saying we must do more of it, then coming home and forgetting.
  • Knowing only a handful of words in the local language but using then liberally and enthusiastically whenever you get the opportunity.
  • Having an excuse to dress up for dinner every night, and not needing to ruin a nice outfit with a sensible cardie!
  • Choosing somewhere new to eat every evening. Wandering the whole street/marina/beach and coming back to the first place you liked the look of.
  • Bread baskets, deep fried feta, plates of tzatziki, all the pitta, souvlaki and gyros, moussaka or kleftiko. Free melon at the end of it. (Ok this one is just Greece. Click here for more of the things we love about our Greece holidays.)

I think that’s enough to bring back happy memories. Would you add anything?

PS If you’d like to know more about our recent trip to Greece and what the entry and return requirements are, please check out the Greece highlights on my Instagram profile.

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  1. I’m currently living between Rome and London, and have just returned to Rome. Luckily for me, it’s very sunny here, even at the end of October. However, I do miss the feeling of packing up and going on an impulse getaway like that. I have never been to Greece and I’ve seen and heard only great things about Greece for vacation – especially Santorini. Hopefully, next year, if life turns back to a kind of normal! Thank you for making me dream with this post!


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