You Know You’re On Holiday In Greece When..

How many of these Greek holidays clichés can you tick off the list?

You know you’re on holiday in Greece when….

✔ You take photos of walls, windows and windmills as much as beaches and people

✔ A ‘double’ bed is actually two singles pushed together

✔ You forget that you can’t flush the bog roll at least once a day

✔ Blue and white becomes a way of life. You did pack co-ordinating outfits didn’t you?

✔ You might have to dive into a doorway and hide from donkeys. (Speaking from experience in Lindos, Rhodes.)

✔ Your husband/mate/random strangers become unwitting personal photographers. (The burden of an Instagram husband.)

✔ You eat Tzatziki 3 times a day

✔ And deep-fried feta just as often

✔ Salad for lunch is not a punishment

✔ A frappe on the beach is your 3pm ritual

✔ Swiftly followed by a pint of Mythos served in a frozen glass by the pool

3pm frappes everyday

✔ You suddenly don’t mind scrambling down steep tracks to bathe on secluded beaches

✔ Especially when there’s a dude hiring sun loungers and selling Mythos when you get there

✔ You take your kids to a restaurant taverna and they are genuinely welcomed

✔ In fact, you never have to worry about entertaining your baby during mealtimes as the locals are all over it

Another romantic dinner with my little man at

✔ You remember that Ouzo is never a good idea

✔ You watch Mama Mia on the airplane just to get you in the mood

Skopelos Town
We couldn’t wait to get lost in the backstreets of Skopelos Town

✔ And fill your Kindle library with novels by Victoria Hislop (I’ve just finished this one!)

So in case you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m rather a fan of a Greek family holiday. I was due to be there with my parents and siblings this very week but, alas, the universe had other ideas.

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What’s your favourite thing about a Greek holiday?

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