Review of Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller: 2020 Update

Since our son was 4 months old we travelled with the Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller.

Last year we wheeled it onto long-haul flights with a baby to USA, Australia and Singapore and bumped it over cobbles in Mykonos.

With a lie-flat seat that is suitable from birth and an ultra-compact fold, which means it fits easily into car boots and airplane overhead lockers, the Silver Cross Jet is my favourite travel buggy for flying with.

Although we haven’t had a chance to fly anywhere this year (yet) the Jet has been updated for 2020 and Silver Cross kindly gifted me one to road test in the UK over the last couple of weeks.

The latest version includes a comfier seat, stylish new look and wider wheels for better suspension, all of which have been great for getting out and about locally.

Review of Silver Cross Jet 2020
The Silver Cross Jet has been upgraded for 2020

So, based on my knowledge of travelling with the original Jet and trialling the updated version at home for the last few weeks, I thought I would put together a detailed review on this impressive travel pushchair.

When we hopefully get to travel again, I will definitely be taking the Jet 2020 in the air with me.

Disclosure: I bought the original Jet in 2019 and have been gifted the Jet 2020 for review purposes. I offered to write this post for Silver Cross as I love the product. All opinions are my own. This post does contain some Amazon affiliate links.

Silver Cross Jet 2020 Features

These are the main features of the Silver Cross Jet 2020 edition.

Silver Cross Jet 2020
DimensionsL90cm W45cm H96cm
Folded dimensionsL55cm W30cm H18cm
Age fromSuitable from birth to 15kg
PriceCheck latest price here
Colours4 fabric choices currently available:
Jet Silver, Jet Black, Special Edition Jet Ocean and Special Edition Jet Mist.
Key features
– Ultra-compact fold
– Shopping Basket
– UPF50+ Ventilated Hood with window
– Rain cover
– 5-point safety harness
– Pull along bumper bar
– Protective cover
(purchased separately)
Jet Simplicity/Dream adaptors (for use with Simplicity and Dream car seats)
Jet Snuggle Pod (padded footmuff for cooler climates)

Jet 2020 Updates

Review of silver cross jet travel buggy

The updated Silver Cross Jet pushchair has a new ergonomic seat, wider wheels and better suspension, and, as someone who travelled extensively with the original version, these upgrades are immediately obvious.

There’s extra padding in the seat but it’s still generous enough that my long-legged 16 month-old sits in it comfortably.

The materials are more plush – my black version has a nice weave effect to it and the tan leatherette details on the handlebar and bumper bar add a stylish touch.

It feels better to push too. I worried that as Miles got bigger the Jet might not feel as sturdy, but the wider wheels seem to to counteract his weight really well.

The best things about the Silver Cross Jet

In addition to these shiny new upgrades, the best thing about the new Jet is that it has retained all the best features of the original model.

How small it folds

The Silver Cross Jet is super light-weight and agile, without feeling flimsy.

It folds to the size of a small suitcase, and can be wheeled like one if you hold onto the bumper bar. It fits easily into small boots, storage racks and is cabin approved for all key airlines.

It also includes a free protective cover so you don’t need to make any additional purchases to keep it looking pristine while travelling.

Review of Silver Cross Jet 2020
The most convenient travel buggy – the Jet can be wheeled right onto the plane with you.

The lie-flat seat

The padded lie-flat seat is a huge bonus as it means you can use the buggy from birth with no additional inserts and your child has lots of room to nap comfortably on the go.

Miles sadly decided to only nap in his cot after he turned 1, but up until that point he’d snoozed on beaches, buses, the New York subway and in Singapore’s rooftop bars in the Jet buggy.

Generous and smart sun protection hood

The generous UPF50+ sun protection hood has an extendable sun peak you can pull out for extra darkness/privacy, a ventilation pocket, which is super handy for warmer climates (like England at the moment!) and a viewing window, so you can check on your sleeping beauty without disturbing them.

Car seat compatibility

If you already own a Silver Cross Simplicity or Dream car seat, like we did, another major bonus is that the Jet can be used with it. (Jet Simplicity/ Dream adaptors sold separately.)

We took our car seat on all our family trips last year as we found it more convenient to travel with one, and being able to pop it on the buggy rather than be another thing that needed carrying was awesome.

Under seat storage

The only thing I miss about my Silver Cross pram now that I’m using the Jet more often is the larger shopping basket. The Jet is an ultra-compact pushchair so the fact it has a basket at all is a bonus really. While the under-seat shopping basket does have a bar in the middle of it that restricts you from putting larger bags in it, there is more than enough room for the rain covers, a ball and a small nappy changing kit. (Well, that’s what is in mine at the minute.)

For anything additional you need to carry, I recommend you get a stroller organiser for the handlebars and a changing bag you can wear as a backpack.

Your questions answered

These are some of the frequently asked questions people have sent me about the Jet buggy.

Does your baby nap comfortably in it? Yes, definitely, when he still did such a thing. The Jet was really useful for buggy naps between the ages of 4 to 12 months for us. See above for details.

Can you buy accessories such a cup holder or parasol? Not specifically Jet branded ones but there are lots of options on Amazon you can try. The main Jet accessories are the Snuggle Pod footmuff and adaptors for using with Simplicity and Dream car seats. I personally didn’t find there was a need for an additional parasol and I used a stroller organiser with a cupholder in it.

Can you fold it 1-handed? Yes, easily! You need to push 2 buttons in on the handlebar and then it just takes one move of your foot for it to fold completely. I’ve filmed a short video (below) to demonstrate for you. It also unfolds very easily and can be done 1-handed if you need to.

How to fold the Silver Cross Jet

I hope that answers any questions you might have about the Silver Cross Jet travel buggy.

Check out the full range of fabric choices available on the Silver Cross website. The black version I have is currently discounted on Amazon!

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8 thoughts on “Review of Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller: 2020 Update”

  1. Hi! I love your comparison on the older model jet and the Babyzen YOYO.
    I’m in the market for a compact stroller.

    Now that you have used the Jet 2020.

    What would you rank higher the Jet 2020 or Babyzen Yoyo2?

    • Hi Christina, I still use both! I tend to use the Yoyo on shopping trips and errands as it has a bigger basket and the footmuff is keeping my little one warm during the winter months. If we were travelling, however, I’d take the Jet as its much more compact and transportable. When we were still able to fly we took it on every flight we did with our son. So I guess it just depends what you want to use the stroller for. The Yoyo is a bit more of an investment so if you already have a good everyday stroller or pram then the Jet is a better add on. I hope that helps.

    • I’m not 100% sure. It feels very sturdy/secure to use with a 2 year old but not sure about 4. I guess the benefit of it being so light is it makes it easier to push older children!

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for a great review! I’m thinking about getting this for out and about on public transport but will need to be able to fold it with one hand, whilst carrying baby in the other. I know you said it is possible, but in your video you use two hands. Is it possible to do with one?
    Any tips much appreciated

  3. Hi I wanted to know where you purchased the grey padded seat liner on your silvercross… looking for one for my new silvercross that I bought to travel with next month!


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