Silver Cross Jet versus Babyzen Yoyo: Which is the best travel buggy?

I genuinely wondered why people put some much time and effort into buying a pushchair until I became a parent and was suddenly obsessed with the quality and efficiency of what I chose to push my kid around in.

As a travel blogger who is one part of an Aussie-Anglo couple, a travel buggy was always going to be very important to me. We took our first overseas family trip when my son was 4 months old and we headed to New York for 7 weeks. I did a lot of research at that point into the best travel strollers and pushchairs and chose the Silver Cross Jet, as it ticked all my boxes.

After just over a year of travelling with the Silver Cross Jet to 5 different countries, I decided to trade in both my Silver Cross Wayfarer pram and Silver Cross Jet travel stroller for a Babyzen Yoyo+ as we were no longer getting much use out of the pram.

I now use the Babyzen Yoyo for every day use at home and intend to take it on our travels when the world opens up again.

If you are deciding which travel stroller to buy, I hope the below sheds some some light on the pros and cons of these leading models. I think they are both excellent choices of travel buggy, and I’ve enjoyed using each of them in slightly different circumstances.

Note: This post is not sponsored. I bought and paid for both strollers and their accessories. This post does contain Amazon affiliate links.

At A Glance

Here’s a quick look at how the Silver Cross Jet and Babyzen Yoyo compare on size, price and features.

Silver Cross JetBabyzen Yoyo+
Size when folded18 x 30 x 55cm52 x 44 x 18 cm
Age fromSuitable from birth to 15kgFrom 6 months to 18kg for Yoyo+
From 6 months to 22kg for Yoyo2
(Can be used from birth with Newborn Insert, sold separately)
PriceRRP £275 often reduced to £225
Check current price here
Approx £399 for Yoyo frame and colour pack
Check current price here
Key Features (included):
– Shopping Basket
– UPF50+ Ventilated Hood with window
– Rain cover
– 5-point safety harness
– Articulated Bumper Bar / Luggage Handle
– Cover bag
– Shopping Basket
– UPF50+ Hood with window
– Rain cover
– 5-point safety harness
– Padded shoulder strap
– Cover bag
Available Add-ons
(purchased separately)
– Compatibility with Simplicity car seat (adaptors sold separately)– Compatibility with YOYO car seat by BeSafe, which comes with adaptors
– Newborn insert
– Footmuff
– Colour packs to change shade of canopy and seat
– Wheelboard
– Bag supported by rolling base (can take up to 10 kg in weight and 40L in volume)
– Parasol

Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller Review

The Silver Cross Jet is the first travel stroller I bought and it literally came around the world with us in Miles’ first year. I used it every day in New York for 7 weeks and also travelled with it to Australia, Singapore and Greece, as well as on various UK trips.

I cannot fault the quality of this pushchair as we really put it to the test (carrying it onto the subway in New York and pushing it over cobbles in Mykonos) and didn’t have any issues.

The best bits of the Silver Cross Jet include its super light weight, compact fold and the fact you can use it from birth without an insert as it lies flat completely. Miles always napped comfortably in the Jet and the fact it has some ventilation came in handy in warmer locations.

Silvercross Jet Travel Stroller
In Mykonos using a Nowababy seat liner to keep him cool

Some of its disadvantages, however, are how awkward it is to use the basket due to a metal bar in the middle of it. It’s also made from a material that is wipe clean only, which means you can’t take sections off and pop it in the washing machine like you can with the Babyzen Yoyo.

The Silver Cross Jet has been updated for 2020 - read all about it here.

It’s biggest advantage, in my opinion though, is how it folds to the size of a small suitcase and can be wheeled like one too.

If you have multiple bags, children and equipment that you’re trying to wrangle around an airport, being able to just drag this buggy along behind you and pop it in the overheard locker is a lifesaver.

The Babyzen Yoyo also folds down small enough to store in a plane’s overhead locker, but you’ll have to carry it on your shoulder, which you may need for other things, like your children.

Review of Silver Cross Jet 2020
The most convenient travel buggy – the Jet can be wheeled right onto the plane with you

Personally, I find the Jet easier to fold than the Zen, and, no matter what the manufacturers say, I still need 2 hands (and a foot for the Jet) to fold them both completely.

What initially swung us on the Jet was the fact we already had a Silver Cross travel system and with some additional adaptors we could use it with our Simplicity Car Seat. It looks a little weird, I must admit, as you put the car seat on top of the stroller seat, but to have that option in New York and Singapore when we caught taxis was really handy.

Babyzen Yoyo+ Travel Stroller Review

The Babyzen Yoyo is such a superior stroller that it doesn’t even feel like a travel buggy. From the quality of the colour packs to the 4-wheel suspension, the Babyzen Yoyo looks and feels like a luxury product and it’s an absolute pleasure to push the baby around in it. (Even the padded handlebar feels a bit swish!)

The seat on the Yoyo (compared to the original Jet) seems slightly larger and now that Miles is 15 months old he seems more comfortable in the Yoyo. Although we can’t travel at the moment, we’ve used this buggy every day since I bought it 3 months ago.

The basket is very generous for a travel stroller and while it also has supporting bars they are slightly less obstructive than on the Jet. You also have additional storage on the Babyzen as there are handy pockets in the hood and on back of the seat, which mean I don’t need to hang a stroller organiser from the handlebars like I did with the Jet. (I like that I can zip my phone and snacks out of sight from the toddler!)

I also love the idea that you can buy a new colour pack and completely change the look of the buggy should you get bored of it further down the line. It seems like a good way of giving it a fresh lease of life if used for consecutive children!

Babyzen Yoyo footmuff taupe
Snug as a bug in the Babyzen footmuff

As mentioned previously, you can take off the seat pad and hood for the Yoyo and pop them in the wash at 30 degrees, so I think it will be easier to keep clean than the Jet, which is wipe clean only.

Both the Yoyo+ and Yoyo2 can take a bigger maximum weight than the Jet too, so it’s got a longer shelf-life overall.

The Babyzen Yoyo has a couple of matching products you can buy, including a parasol, footmuff, bag and newborn insert – they all look great and add additional functionality but don’t come cheaply. I bought the footmuff and loved how cosy it kept Miles in the winter. It retails at around £100 but certainly feels like a quality product and fits the pram beautifully.

You can fold the Babyzen with. the footmuff attached but its much easier without it!

The Yoyo’s major negative is that you can’t use the buggy from birth without a newborn pack, which comes at the additional cost of £190. Mums who have one told me that it doesn’t feel too sturdy, so it might be ok for occasional holiday use but not everyday strolls and naps. If you’re shopping for a child that is 6 months or older, however, this won’t be an issue. If you have more than one child then the Yoyo+ Wheelboard will be a real bonus.

Silver Cross Jet versus Babyzen Yoyo: Which is best?

I would honestly recommend both of these travel strollers. I did a lot of research before buying each of them and they have both served their purpose and more.

The Silver Cross Jet is a great option if you intend to use the buggy just for travel. It’s the best travel stroller for taking to the airport and the only complaints I have about it (with regards to non-washable materials and size of the shopping basket) won’t be an issue with occasional use.

If you are looking for an everyday pushchair, however, which has the added benefit of being small enough to take on a plane, you can’t go wrong with the Babyzen Yoyo. I bought the Yoyo to replace my Silver Cross Wayfarer pram and I’ve found it far more practical to take to shops, cafes and restaurants as it fits easily in small corners and takes up only a tiny portion of the boot space. We store ours in our hallway at the moment and even though I went for a non-practical taupe colour pack, it looks as good as the day we bought it.

I hope you found this useful if you’re in the process of buying a travel buggy. I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments if there’s something you want to know that I haven’t covered.

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11 thoughts on “Silver Cross Jet versus Babyzen Yoyo: Which is the best travel buggy?”

  1. Dear Jayne
    Thank you so much for stating the differences between the 2 strollers however i am wondering if its possible for the yoyo2 to lay completely down as it is with the silvercross? Thank you much in advance

    • Hi Niaz, the Yoyo reclines but not fully flat like the Jet which is why you may need a newborn insert for the Yoyo prior to 6 months.

  2. Dear Jayne
    Thank you for the quick reply.
    My son is 11 months and it would be nice if the yoyo could lay flat i guess?

  3. Hi – thanks for this review. Those are two strollers I’m looking at! Are you comparing the Babyzen yoyo2 to the Silver cross jet 2020? If not, how do you think the 2020 compares / would affect your recommendations?

    • Hi Elyssa, I was comparing the Yoyo2 and original Jet and my recommendations haven’t changed since using the Jet 2020. The Yoyo still provides more storage but the Jet is still handier for travelling with. Hope you get a good deal on whichever one you go with. Best, Jayne

  4. Hi

    Trust you are well
    Which stroller would you recommend for daily use for baby to nap in and as a travel stroller for baby to sleep overnight as well

    • Do you mean a newborn? I would recommend the Babyzen Yoyo with the newborn insert if you’re looking fora bassinet for the baby to sleep in.

  5. Great review! Do you still use your simplicity car seat? We have the wayfarer with simplicity car seat but thinking of buying yoyo2. Im wondering if there’s a way to fit the car seat on to yoyo stroller.

    • My understanding is you can’t use a car seat with the Yoyo, at least I never found a way! The Simplicity is compatible with the Silver Cross Jet although you do need specific adaptors.

  6. Thanks for the review! How do you compare the hoods of the two strollers – which provides more shade? Thanks!

  7. Dear Jayne, my dayghter will be soon 5 months and we are looking for a stroller that we can use everyday and when travelling (specially by planes).

    Thus, I have 2 questions.

    1) For the everyday use, to take her to the daycare for example and back to work and to go to coffes and restaurantes…what would be your reccomendation? Taking into consideration that we will mainly walk and/or use public transport.

    2) For travelling (airplane/train), can both fit as cabin luggages? which is the most easy to handle? Also, we normally travel to cities that can have some challeging terrain/landscape, so we need a stroller that can take the challeange, rsrs!

    In addition, if we choose the yoyo, as she is already 5 months and 7kg, do you think we still need the newborn set ?

    For last, just as a note when we go out with the car, or if we need a stroller more “important” we will use our uppabbay cruz, that goes with our uppababy car seat 🙂

    Thank you very much in advance.




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