The Most Delicious & Devilish Hotcakes In Melbourne

If ever I need clarity on why my clothes feel tighter since moving to Melbourne I just need to look at this post. I’ve always been a fan of brunch but brunch never looked as good as it did in Australia.

Since moving to Australia I developed a thing for hotcakes and that thing has been throughly indulged since moving to Melbourne. From Red Velvet to Jaffa, and Top Paddock’s OG, here is my tried-and-tested round up of the most delicious and devilish hotcakes in Melbourne. Let’s get (our faces!) stuck in.

Jaffa Hotcakes at Tinker Northcote

Jaffa Hotcakes at Tinker Northcote

These babes are like Jaffa Cakes but better. And bigger, much bigger. Starring sweet and sticky orange curd, chocolate swirled meringue and vanilla mascarpone – these are my current fave hotcakes in Melbourne. Cannot.Get.Enough.Of. Them.

Find Tinker at 235 High Street Northcote and on Insta @tinkernorthcote

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Brownie & Berry Hotcakes at Auction Rooms

Brownie hotcakes at Auctions Rooms Melbourne

A brownie? On your breakfast? Why not! Auction Rooms in North Melbourne are one of Melbourne’s most popular cafes and they won my heart with these extra sweet hotcakes. I can’t find them on the menu currently but did spy a Brioche french toast with Milo anglaise, snickerdoodle crumb and coffee mascarpone that sounds like it might do the job instead!

Find Auction Rooms at 103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne and on Insta @auction_rooms 

Red Velvet Hotcakes at Mini Bar

red velvet hotcakes from Mini Bar Melbourne

My first unforgettable taste of Red Velvet Hotcakes was at the super tiny and extra cute Mini Bar underneath Punthill Northbank (which is a great aparthotel in the city FYI).

Axil Coffee Roasters in Hawthorn also do an Insta-famous Red Velvet Pancake (topped with raspberries, black sesame ice cream, cream cheese ganache & chocolate brownie soil – I KNOW!). It’s basically a birthday cake for breakfast.

Find Mini Bar at 560 Flinders St, Melbourne 

The Original Hotcakes at Top Paddock

Top Paddock Hotcakes Melbourne

The blueberry and ricotta hotcakes at Top Paddock were the first hotcakes I ever tried and they remain one of Melbourne’s best. Like a giant bowl of happiness, the Top Paddock hotcakes are a beautiful mess of berries, seeds, cream, maple syrup and edible flowers. Can be ordered in a miniature version but don’t deny yourself the full experience!

Find Top Paddock at 658 Church St, Richmond and on Insta at @toppaddock

Tried any devilishly good hotcakes lately?

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