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After lots of deliberation and some helpful input from readers, I’ve decided to shake things up around here with a brand-new name and a new blended focus on travel AND home décor.

Travel will always be my first love but the crazy circumstances of the last year have meant that I’ve needed to find a new focus, both personally and professionally.

Surely, if ever there was a time to pivot it’s during a pandemic?!

A new name for Girl Tweets World

I don’t think there is something a blogger agonises over more than the name of their website. Which is funny really as when I asked for everyone’s input on Instagram last week one person politely pointed out they had no idea what my blog was called – they just swiped up and read it!

So, why bother changing?

Well, because the truth is, the name Girl Tweets World bothers me! Since I became a parent, and then shortly after along came the blooming pandemic, I felt more and more like the content on this site was no longer in alignment with the name of it.

Even more so, I felt like I was no longer the person I was when I named my blog Girl Tweets World and so the site’s identity didn’t fit with me.

I chose that title ( my second name for this blog which began in January 2010 as ‘40 Countries Before I’m 30’) in 2014 when we had just moved to Australia, and I literally felt like an enthusiastic girl about to take on the world and tell everyone about it.

These days I feel less like an enthusiastic girl and more like a frazzled mum. I no longer associate with being a world traveller, my world (like many of us) has been found within the walls of my home.

What’s Our Travel Home?

At the start of this year, I created a new Instagram account to chart the progress of turning our new build house into a travel-inspired home. I’d felt a bit lost creatively without being able to travel and thought I’d try my hand at starting a new account that I didn’t need to leave my house to create content for. Within days I was hooked!

I had no idea just how much enjoyment I was going to get from posting about our home décor and chatting to other interior’s addicts. I’ve posted almost every day since I started the account and the feedback and encouragement I’ve had has been awesome. I feel like I’ve found a new passion at 36. I guess, if there was ever a time to get obsessed about your home it has to be now right?!

The success of this account made me think once again about rebranding my blog. I’ve always worried about the fact my social media handles don’t match the title of my blog and so it just seemed to make sense to use the name Our Travel Home over here too.

What will you blog about?

For the moment, at least, you probably won’t notice much difference! All the content from Girl Tweets World will remain live and I’ll continue to blog about travel and personal stories that are important to me.

You may have noticed I’d already starting sharing a few posts about decorating our home and I will continue to add to these as we makeover more rooms. I am by no means an expert in this topic. I have no interior design background, although I did take an awesome home styling course with Three Birds Renovations at the start of the year.

I’ve always just blogged about what I’m most passionate about and at the moment that’s vintage art and panelling!

In time, I’d love to expand the remit of Our Travel Home. I’d love to feature the properties of global travellers, perhaps interview them about where they find inspiration and how they source a bargain in a flea market.

I’d love to share some of my favourite places to shop for the home – both near and far. As well as some interior styling tips for anyone who wants to bring a feeling of travel to their home, beyond popping a map on the wall.

The new name, for me, has given me a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. (And lord knows we’ve all been lacking some of that for the last year!)

I feel like I have a new (same, same but different) focus to build a portfolio of content around and I hope I’ve piqued your interests enough to convince you to stay with me on this journey.

Fancy following along?

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Thank you!

Thanks again for being the most awesome people to talk to online. I’m so grateful for all the new connections I’ve made in the last few months as well as everyone I have shared my life with for the last 11 years on here. For those of you who have been around since the 40 before 30 days, our relationship goes back further than my marriage! Isn’t that mental when you think about it!?!


About the author

I’m Jayne, a travel blogger, content creator and mum to a 4-year-old son. I’ve been blogging since 2010, travelled to 65 countries and share travel guides and tips to help you plan stylish, stress-free trips.

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  1. I love your personal insta and started following your home account a while ago but thanks to the wonderful algorithm hadn’t seen your posts for a while and realised your stories were waaaaay along the list! Glad I saw this post and have signed up to the mailing list so I’ll still keep up even if insta doesn’t play ball!

    • Aw thanks Tasha! I hate how the algorithm does that but at least I know it’s worth sending a newsletter to make sure new posts don’t get lost now!


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